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    yes, Its available when we directly go to the sub forums, but not when "View New Content" is clicked. In the "View New Content" page, you just need to click on the topic title, it will take you to the last unread post directly.
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    While most of the design aspects are default, I have made some changes here and there like logo, google ad, members rank and so on but basically just a small tidbits... I formatted the google ad area a while ago to separate it from the other board links... I hope it doesn't look cluttered now... As for looking header area not looking professional, as said, we have just added our bits but it remains default mostly...
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    Thought I am atheist, I don't say religion has no value. Its our interpretation which makes religion bad. Ideally religion is created to guide man kind to lead a life which makes this world good place to stay. Religion had no role in moral policing. It is suppose to be moral guide. But humans, who want power and wants to fulfill their personal greed and need make religion much smaller than what it should be. Science is part of religion. As religion never says to believe in what is said without question. Differentiating between science and religion means underestimating importance of faith (faith in every thing around). Faith is something deeper than we know perhaps - if we do not have faith in medicine or food it will not work the way it should. Faith is our own suggestions to our own brain. With respect to all religions across the world - I have a belief that Hinduism is perhaps most open minded religion - in vedik form - not current. Perhaps it is the only religion on this earth which allows follower to question existence of god. Atheism too is part of Hinduism, That is the reason CHARWAK (AETHIST, about 600 BC - time which according to many other religion do not exist) is called RUSHI Read here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%C4%81rv%C4%81ka or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atheism_in_Hinduism (There is lot to read about him in Indian languages - but unfortunately very rarely available)
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    Its so simple. If u follow BIBLE, its GOD. If u follow QURAN, its ALLAH. If u follow BHAGBAT GEETA, its NARAYAN. And if u follow SCIENCE, its DARWIN'S THEORY OF EVOLUTION. In general, it depends upon u, but the most imporatnat thing is to love & care for each other.
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    waiting to get my sim.. one doubt how do they calculate termination charges which is calculated per minute whereas here the call charges are per second..