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    But at my time, You may send me files and instructions what you want me to do, I will do it at my conviniences as I have business to do. 1. Recovery of data from Symbian Phone back up either from Back up taken by PC SYNC or memory card backup by phone. By NOKI SOFT. See at www.nokisoft.com 2. E mail list cleaning and management. If you have huge email list where there are many dead mails addresses, I can help you cleaning those mail list. Dont ask how, I have licence for services, which prohibit me to do this. In Which I can remove illegal mail ID, remove duplicate mail ID, can substract one list from another etc. 3. Can help you to extract mail ID from outlook / outlook express data files. Extracting it from senders field is very easy , but difficult to extract from body, subject etc. Please be advised that I have no commercial interest in offering these services. I am offering because in past I had very tough time to get necessary softwares to do above work. Either I could not afford to buy softwares / services or they were simly not available from reliable sources. I will do this only for trusted members who has more than 500 posts.
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    "W-CDMA (Wideband-CDMA) is a GSM technology and has nothing to do with CDMA which Reliance uses. Reliance CDMA2000 1x network operates on the 800 Mhz band.
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    On clicking the link it goes to the last topic and not the post. This is happening on Mac, iphone. On ppc it took me to the first post. I'm using default mail clients on iphone, mac and ppc.
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    While most of the design aspects are default, I have made some changes here and there like logo, google ad, members rank and so on but basically just a small tidbits... I formatted the google ad area a while ago to separate it from the other board links... I hope it doesn't look cluttered now... As for looking header area not looking professional, as said, we have just added our bits but it remains default mostly...
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    Arun, I can't see the "Go to last Unread post" button while searching "View New Content".
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    What email client are you using? Can you send a screenshot of how it displays in your browser/email client and forward that notification email to arun(at)rimweb.com ?