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    BREAKING NEWS!!! Tata DoCoMo starts GSM service in Chennai, Tamil Nadu circles Pay-for-what-you-use, Per-Second Paradigm Comes to India “Moment of triumph for the Indian consumer”: Ratan Tata · From today, subscribers can call anywhere in India for just 1 paisa per second · Starts national rollout with Chennai and Tamil Nadu · Best coverage at the time of launch—775 towns and 4,370 villages in TN · Complete South India rollout within a fortnight · Country-wide service rollout to be completed this year itself TATA DOCOMO, the GSM brand of Tata Teleservices Limited, today announced the commercial launch of its operations in India, beginning with Chennai and Tamil Nadu. The company’s Next Gen GSM service started on a heady note, with TTSL Managing Director Anil Sardana making the first phone call from TATA DOCOMO’s 3G-ready network to Union Minister for Telecommunications and Information Technology Thiru A Raja. TATA DOCOMO’s pan-India service rollout will be completed this year, with South Indian Circles going ‘live’ in a fortnight. In a message at the launch press conference, Mr Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons, said: “The value proposition offered by TATA-DOCOMO is a unique and revolutionary idea which symbolizes the spirit of innovation and inventive genius. This launch is truly a moment of triumph for the consumer. The launch of pay-per-use, per-second concept offered by TATA-DOCOMO will create a paradigm shift in the overall telecom experience for the customer and provide a service that is refreshingly different.” TATA DOCOMO also unleashed a wide array of products and services at the launch, riding on the back of path-breaking innovative products and services, and never-before tariff options. “We had made a promise that we would bring to the country products and services that would redefine the telecom experience,” Mr Anil Sardana said. “It is a privilege to be fulfilling that promise first in the Tamil Nadu Circle—where subscribers are discerning and seek transparency, innovation and differentiation. Our partnership with NTT DOCOMO will help us provide our subscribers with tremendous technological and service differentiation. Keeping in view the century of trust associated with the House of Tata, we are launching the concept of fare being fair. From today, TATA DOCOMO subscribers will now be able to enjoy the benefits of ‘pay-as-you-use’, at only one paisa per second for all voice calls across India,” he added. NTT DOCOMO is acknowledged as the global leader in 3G technology and respected worldwide for its futuristic product innovations. In a video-address, Mr Toshinari Kunieda, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director, Global Business Division, NTT DOCOMO, said: “NTT DOCOMO has provided technical inputs to make the TATA DOCOMO GSM network world-class. Progressively, NTT DOCOMO shall bring to India the various products and services that we offer in Japan and many other countries—such as i-modeTM, Location-based Services (LBS) and mobile payment—and give TATA DOCOMO customers a flavor of tomorrow. TTSL and NTT DOCOMO are closely engaged in integrating technology, value-added services, products and applications through the mechanism of Business and Technology Cooperation Committee (BTCC). This should see TATA DOCOMO change the way India communicates.” Announcing some very aggressive pricing and customization options, Mr Deepak Gulati, President, TATA DOCOMO, said: “In a market that is cluttered with many operators and throws up confusing options, we will offer simplicity to consumers by being the country’s most transparent, innovative and liberating telecom brand. The first move on this front is to cut through the clutter and redefine the entire pricing paradigm—from Day One of our launch, we will work on a per-second pricing model for almost everything, be it voice calls, VAS services, IVR interactions. Above all, we promise to always listen to our subscribers.” “We are focusing strongly on network superiority, coverage and service offerings. Our presence in 775 towns and 4,370 villages makes our network footprint the largest among all telecom operators in Tamil Nadu, at the time of launch,” Mr Yatish Mehrotra, TATA DOCOMO’s Hub-head for South India, said. “TATA DOCOMO promises to make everyday life simple and more enjoyable for its subscribers by delivering useful new products and simply, trustworthy and transparent services. TATA DOCOMO products will be available in nearly 20,000 outlets very shortly,” he added. The company has earmarked an investment of $2 billion on its pan-India GSM network rollout. TATA DOCOMO also announced the introduction of the pay-as-you-use advantage for many of its Value-added Services, including all its voice portals, 24-hour music, cricket commentary and voice chat. The Company also announced Free Missed Call Alerts service to all its customers without any charge whatsoever. In addition, VoiceMail on TATA DOCOMO will be totally free for all subscribers with no burden of monthly rentals, no deposits, and no retrieval charges. Superior Technology and Network From the day of the launch, the reach and coverage of the TATA DOCOMO network is greater in Tamil Nadu than that of any other operator at the launch stage. The TATA DOCOMO GSM mobile service will have extensive coverage in cities and towns, along 2,115 km of the state’s highways, at airports and along 1,897 km of rail routes, and at places of tourist interest. In fact, across the Circle, all 17 religious centers of importance in the state have been covered by the extensive new network. NTT DOCOMO has played a major role in the evolution of mobile telecommunications through its development of cutting-edge technologies and services. Over the years, technologists at NTT DOCOMO have defined industry benchmarks for 3G technology, as also products and services such as i-mode and a plethora of lifestyle-enhancing applications. Today, while most global telecom players are only beginning to talk of 4G technology and its possible applications, NTT DOCOMO has already recorded a downlink transmission rate of 250 Mbps over a high-speed wireless network in an outdoor test of an experimental system for Super 3G, also known as LTE, and is targeting to complete the commercial development by the end of 2009. This will hold TATA DOCOMO in good stead as it launches GSM services. Source: http://www.tatadocomo.com/downloads/mediar...ase-chennai.pdf
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    ^ Nice to see u back, Kamal... BTW tum 60 saal ke kab se ho gaye, and my best wishes for a speedy recovery for ur heart attack... lol Try using vista drivers for Pinnacle TV Tuner card or post a query on their website; they will definitely solve ur problem... Update: I faced one problem while filing my monthly VAT Return Online (e-return), as the software provided by the Sales Tax Deptt. (http://comtax.up.nic.in/) is only XP compliant and does not work even on Vista; It doesnt zip files in W7 whereas it does so in XP; so its basically a software related problem; aur pata nahin ye Sales Tax wale vista version kab nikalenge...
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    Can someone please advise me on one thing? I am postponing buying a new cell just because I am waiting for MNP. I read it was due in september, and therefore am holding out on a dying CDMA handset. If MNP comes in September, I plan to change to BSNL, and then buy a decent GSM phone. But if MNP is not within 6 months or more, I may go for a CDMA handset now, because the number is important to me. Experts please voice your opinions.