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    Lately I have been through ALL of the major and popular Indian telecom based forums run by individuals and realized one thing. RIM WEB is the most classy and authentic discussion forum space!!! Members on this forum are more knowledgeable, more serious, well mannered, and above all helping in nature. I always feel as if I'm part of a professional team while I log on to this website. I'm very much glad and proud to be a member of this forum. Thank you Everybody !!!
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    Hi I have recharged both GSM and CDMA and they do work. there is no such problem. About refund of your money, email myservices@relianceada.com and customercare@relianceada.com , along with details of your payment which you can obtain from your netbanking by checkin transaction details. It gets refunded in 5 days.
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    yes it is possible u can use rworld wap portal on chines mobile first tell me which tsim you r using gsm or cdma than i'll guide you through the procedure
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    Having USB 2.) will be better. You may be having USB 1.1 because the mother board of your PC is very old model (say of pre-1999 era) or may be you are using old operatin system like windows-98 or pirated copy of Windows XP and it has old drivers that lack USB 2.0 support. So you may want to upgrade hardware of your PC or upgrade OS/software on your PC. If your PC hardware limitations due to old model etc. then chances are that you can buy a USB add-on card from the market and install it in your PC. I bought one such card here in Delhi for Rs. 180 last month. Now I have 3 additional USB 2.0 ports on my PC.
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    Channel Times Mumbai, Apr 17, 2009 1825 hrs IST Intex Technologies has launched two more handsets - IN 5000 and IN 5040. With IN 5000, Intex has made a debut in the GSM touch-screen mobile phone segment. The 5cm TFT touch screen offers a clear medium to operate the phone and flip through the various functions, the company said. The leather flap eliminates the need of having separate mobile cover. Other features are FM radio, mobile tracker, camera, expandable memory up to 2GB, GPRS, Bluetooth, audio video player and a 1,000 contacts phonebook memory. The Intex IN 5040 is the second variant in the company's portfolio of G + C Dual SIM phones. Its features include camera, Bluetooth with A2DP, FM radio, USB PC connectivity, expandable memory, audio video player and a 1,000 contacts phonebook memory. Announcing the launch, Shailendra Jha, DGM, Intex Technologies, said, "In keeping with Intex policy of offering latest technology products at competitive prices, we are glad to announce the launch of IN 5000 & IN 5040 handsets. We are confident that these models, with their richness and diversity of features, will appeal to most cost-conscious and tech savvy consumers. Consumers can look forward to more dual SIM models in the G + G genre in the Q 1 of this FY."