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    Ok so i finally got my hands onto one more htc touch pro ( Courtesy of ashok and pkdaga) and this time i decided to write a mini review with lot of comparative shots, as a lot of people are wanting to buy it and they would like to know abt it LOOKS AND BUILT The touch pro looks a lot like htc diamond from the front panel the phone looks simple with a 5 way dpad which also funcstion sas a touch sensitive navi wheel and four keys ( home , back , call and end) the layout is pretty much the same as diamond the phone has a chrome metallic lining on sides and the back cover has steel grey matt finish What is a bit more disturbing is the girth of the handset the length and breadth are less than that of mogul , but the handset is quite "FAT" Comparatively diamond is more sleeker as compared to pro also the back cover is steel grey as compared to burgendy red of diamond from my point burgendy red looks more elegant GOODIES we all are aware of specs of touch pro , but just to add it runs windows mobile 6.1 which can be easily upgraded to windows 6.1 there is also a feature of tv out , though it needs u to have tv out cable for it the camera is 3.2mp auto focus with flash as compared to htc diamond
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    @dkalie i feel that 84 kgs is too much for 6' considering ur ht and age it shud be below 80kgs the key to looking younger is to stay slim and fit just an opinion
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    Well frankly, I believe that what is good for your body is different for each and every individual and there can not be One or Two solve it all solution. What is must is 1. Exercise in some fashion and 2. Controlled Diet. Only with a combination of both on a regular disciplined fashion weight loss/gain is possible. Exercise can take many shapes and you will have to reach a conclusion which one is best for you. Same goes for diet. I personally follow a regime of Tennis 4-5 times a week and controlled diet and have reduced 6 kg's in the last 6 months. My aim is to reduce another 10kg's by Jan'2010 so that I am around 84 kgs which is the ideal weight for my height (6') and body structure.
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    :'( YeH! sAdiKk once fitted it behind Rt Ear of dog and he ran off ... now sadikk is getting bill with Roaming charges........