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    OK, So as the number of Touch Pro Users is growing, I am starting a thread dedicated to just TOUCH PRO, for all General Users. Though many Solutions will be common with HTC DIAMOND. REMEMBER (V.IMP.) - To get data fully working, we have to delete the IOTA folder in Windows folder (if you find it, we could not) and also replace the HTC_CM_Guardian.exe file inside the WINDOWS Folder (this is very essential, and is a hidden file and it will only be visible either by Total Commander or by Resco File Explorer with the setting of View Hidden File set to ON; This file WILL NOT be visible by default File Explorer) with a same name blank txt file as already detailed in the Sprint Rom topic for Mogul here - http://www.rimweb.in...showtopic=15023 and also check MIP is Simple IP and then load the Rel NetConnect and Rel MobileWorld cabs and choose them as default connnection; ONLY THEN DATA WILL WORK, otherwise it will keep reverting back to Sprint Connection. Here's the 0 byte HTC_CM_Guardian.exe file (inside the zip file attached) that you have to replace in the Window's Folder... Just copy it and Paste in Windows Folder and overwrite the original file by this name... OK, so now your phone is up and running but your volume is TOO LOW... here are the fix... These are 2 cab files for fixing the volume problem, one is Medium Loud and One is Super Loud. If you want to revert to original volume you just need to uninstall the cab and reboot the phone and volume will go back to factory settings. IMPORTANT: The cabs have to be installed to Main Memory ONLY and NOT in Storage card.!! HTC_CM_Guardian.zip Badboy8813 Audio Fix- (Full Volume).cab Badboy8813 Audio Fix- (Lite Boost).cab
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    now even i feel that MNP will be delayed and wont come in sep
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    source 3G spectrum: Ministers to meet on Aug 27 Our Bureau New Delhi, Aug. 13 The Empowered Group of Ministers set up to finalise third generation (3G) mobile spectrum policy will meet next on August 27. This will be the second meeting of the new eGoM formed after the UPA Government was re-elected to power. The first meeting took place on July 31 when the Ministry of Communications told the eGoM that the base price for WiMax spectrum may be pegged at 25 per cent of the reserve price fixed for 3G spectrum. Since there were many new members in the reconstituted eGoM, theDoT briefed them about various technologies and issues related to 3G auction. For 3G auction, the DoT offered three options to the eGoM — the first entails auctioning four blocks, each 5 Mhz, according to the decision of the Telecom Commission; the second involves auctioning all available spectrum in line with the opinion of the Solicitor-General of India; and the third is to auction all available spectrum but to just four players, which means an operator can bid for more than one 5MHz slot.
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    Best bathing soap is Park Avenue as its TFM is 74% and its specified as Grade 1; Always note these 2 things on the soap packet while buying... (like e.g. in Savlon Soap TFM is 61% and its Grade 3, so comparatively its poorer for your skin) Best toothpaste I found is one you get at any Aksharddham Mandir ( I buy from Delhi/Noida one); its Ayurvedic and brilliant; Also comparable is Dant Kanti by Ramdev's Patanjali but its slightly too strong. I would recommend a regime of using 3 toothpastes in a week alternating everyday between 1. Colgate (Plain white) 2. Close UP and 3. Any one of these 2 Ayurvedic Brands I have suggested... This is the best regime for your teeth. Never stick to any single one product...
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    Can someone please advise me on one thing? I am postponing buying a new cell just because I am waiting for MNP. I read it was due in september, and therefore am holding out on a dying CDMA handset. If MNP comes in September, I plan to change to BSNL, and then buy a decent GSM phone. But if MNP is not within 6 months or more, I may go for a CDMA handset now, because the number is important to me. Experts please voice your opinions.
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    ^^^ lol ....bas itna hi puchna hai ke kuch aur bhi hai