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    I came across this very good tutorial for transferring files between your Android phone and Windows PC by using a free app called SwiFTP from the Android Market. Saves you the expense (inconvenience ) of picking up the paid app Websharing or using the cr**ked version of it either I tested this out and its working perfectly fine for me, so I do hope a few of you will find it useful too, for transferring your media files, etc.It is a little slow when transferring big file sizes, but hey, its a freebie and you're not using "unethical" means , so try it if you like. Link to tutorial here: TUTORIAL All thanks to Brian O'Toole, the author, for compiling a very easy to follow tutorial I have also attached a pdf version of the page with all the relevant steps here for those who would like to have the file on hand offline. Wirelessly share phone and PC.pdf
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    HOW 2 MOD AND SETUP SMC 3G WIFI ROUTER (RELIANCE VERSION) to use with PREPAID 3G DataCard? Plus: Working Reliance 3G Wifi Router Settings Timeline 6th July 2010 ====================== 01:00 pm) Bought 3G WIFI Router (Model:SMCWBR14-3GN) from Reliance Express at MRP Rs.3699/- in Mumbai. 01:10 pm) Recharged my PREPAID Reliance Broadband+ 3G (EVDO) Data Card with Rs.3000 for Prepaid plan 18gb/6months. Came back home. 04:05 pm) Connected USB 3G Data Card to SMC Router. Connected SMC Router to PC and switched on. PC Got Dynamic IP as Opened SMC Configuration System in browser with address (Logged in with default username as admin and password as smcadmin) Did following working changes in NETWORK SETTINGS >> WAN Section 1. Wan Connection: 3G 2. Backup Wan: None 3. Start Mode: Automatic 4. PPP Authentication: No Authentication 5. PIN Code Protect: Not enabled 6. Dial Code: #777 7. APN Service: internet 8. 3G Username: 9323XXXXXX << your datacard number 9. 3G Password: 9323XXXXXX << your datacard number 10.3G MTU: 1500 11.3G MRU: 1500 12.Connect Type: Auto Connect 13.CLICKED TO SAVE. Trust me you dont need to make any changes. Leave everything else default. It takes a minute or more to save for first time and Voila!!! Information section started showing 3G CONNECTED! MIN ERROR! Not able to browse any site -------------------------------------- I was so happy. Opened another Browser window and saw Google page working but very few seconds GOT ERROR IN BIG FONTS as MIN ERROR! Not authorised or some message like that. Now could not browse. Tried several times and got same error. 05:00 pm) Called helpdesk at *355 and explained error, they said some engineers available at other number will help me. Called for few minutes but could not get through these new numbers for 30 minutes. 05:30 pm) Finally got someone on this number and talked with him about settings and error. He made following statement which was like BOMB-EXPLOSION to me I AM ADVICED TO GET POSTPAID PLAN WITH MULTIUSER SETUP? OMG I'M SCREWED ---------------------------------- He said "The settings are ok but I need to get POSTPAID PLAN WITH MULTIUSER SETUP to use 3G Router with Reliance DataCard." THIS WAS LIKE A BIG BLOW ON MY NOSE. SCARED I LOST MY RS.3000/- as I know how good reliance is in refunding money. He further asked me to go to Reliance Express and request them to refund my Rs.3000/- paid for PREPAID 3G Recharge and convert DATACARD into POSTPAID and go for any plan with MULTIUSER request. I was nearly going faint. Said "Thanks" and hanged up phone. THOUGHT THIS WAS THE DEAD END. EXPERIMENTING ON MY BRAND NEW SMC ROUTER -------------------------------------- 06:15 pm) With this new discovery I was feeling like being Stupid but then I started looking for my own options. 06:45 pm) After playing around for some time in SMC Management Window, I noticed the SMC FIRMWARE Version as showing following line OLD FIRMWARE Version: reliance_smcmr3306a- The word RELIANCE in this firmware caught my attention and was sure RELIANCE have modified the factory FIRMWARE with some SMART BUSINESS ORIENTED tweaking. With other handy internet connection, I visited www.smc-asia.com and luckily found and downloaded new FIRMWARE for exact SMC model as given below... NEW FIRMWARE Version: smcmr3306a- FIRMWARE UPDATE --------------- 07:00PM) Without giving a second thought flashed new FIRMWARE on 3G WIFI SMC Router from following SMC Options MANAGEMENT >>> FIRMWARE >> Selected firmware file and uploaded in Router. Update took around 3 minutes and Router Rebooted. Did all same above settings once again and saved. Switched off Router and Switched on... SUCCESS! USING 3G ROUTER WITH PREPAID PLAN WITH NO MULTIUSER REQUEST ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now I can use 3G Router for Internet Wired and Wireless connection on all connected PCs and wifi devices like... my Motorola Milestone, O2 Atom Life, etc. etc. with no restrictions with same PREPAID PLAN. Internet everywhere on each router connected devices. This means reliance was actually cheating with customers (us) by forcing us to change our cheaper PREPAID plan data cards into costilier POSTPAID plans. PROBLEM SOLVED -------------------- Reliance tried to play smart with customers but with this simple trick I could SOLVE this reliance-made problem in just few hours. HOPE THIS HELPS WHOLE INDIA.......COZ REALLY I DID NOT GET THIS SOLUTION ANYWHERE WITH SMC ROUTER ALL SETTINGS AND FIRMWARE FLASHING INFORMATION IS CORRECT, BUT STILL YOU MUST DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK. And yes, one also must have some courage to flash brand new devices in first few hours. I did flashed O2 Atom Life around 70 times with custom ROMS with different features and WM6.5 OS. Also unsuccessfully tried to ROOT Motorola Milestone (giving superadmin root access) in first 3 hours of purchase, but thank god no damage done. Anyways GOODLUCK TO YOU ALL. PS: Writing this post with same 3G Router Connection of Relianc PREPAID 3G Internet. EDIT: (17-July-2010) As per Devesh's advice I did upgraded to Firmware Version: smcmr3306a- found on USA site of SMC with no issue. CLICK HERE FOR HIS VALUABLE POST WITH MY REPLY.