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    dear friends, the inability to automatically type hindi words with swype was always a crib I had... Finally, the GOD listened to me! and Swype has now provided the HINGLISH option. Installed it just today, and find it wonderfully useful! The detailed method of installation is given below:- 1. Open the Swype Beta keyboard and long-press on the Swype key. 2. Select "Language Options". 3. Select "Download languages". 4. Scroll down and select "Hinglish". 5. If you have not downloaded a language before, Swype will prompt you to "Accept" our Terms of Service. 6. After you click "Accept", the download of Hinglish will begin... 7. Tap the 'back' button and confirm that Hinglish is now enabled. 8. Return to the Swype keyboard and long-press on the Space bar to select "Hinglish" as your input language. You are now ready to Swype in Hinglish - enjoy! If you are not a Swype Beta user, you can sign up at http://beta.swype.com! Happy Swyping!
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    Dear friends, Timtara.com has been exposed by CNBC Awaaz. There are lot of complaints against this online shopping website. Have a look here :
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    Under titanium backup pro you can freeze apps or services that you do not which to execute while using the phone. You can unfreeze them when you need them back. AFAIK the only problem should be that you will loose the root that is all after you update the OTA. You can try unfreezing the sprint bloatware before you proceed. Best of luck with this OTA in my case I had a very bad experience with regards to battery, signal and auto shutdown issue. but I can't deny the fact that there are people actually loving it and I can vouch that my phone was much more snappier with this OTA.
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    You can use this Universal Android Flasher Tool to unroot >> http://forum.xda-dev....php?p=28719715 That tool also does so many other things through an easy graphical interface. Must for people uncomfortable with using command line tools in android.
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    Why spend so much for a large size monitor? Buy a 32" Full HD LCD or LED TV from a good brand and use it as a large size monitor. You won't get any such large size monitor at a similar/less cost. It's the same LCD panel but monitors are sold at a much higher/premium price. Ek Teer Do Nishan.
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    if u want to back up contacts and other things on your desktop try https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fjsoft.myphoneexplorer.client&hl=en ,
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    http://www.theunrealtimes.com/2012/08/29/apple-now-sues-american-farmers-for-using-their-trademarked-name-apple-for-a-spherical-fruit/ Finally it happened!
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    Few days back I shared Indian Railway app which can track your WL tickets and give timely updates for status changes besides other usual stuff. Again, I came across this excellent app with which you can book train ticket, save it offline(now you dont have to carry printout of etickets) and all other things. Here it is: Play link Description This application is aimed at enhancing the User Experience on IRCTC. This is NOT an alternate solution for Tatkal bookings. It will not work while IRCTC mobile site is down. Key Features: -Auto Login. -Intelligent Session Timeout detection & Auto retry Login. -Auto Fill Journey details on Book Ticket Form. -Access your Tickets Offline, Never carry a printed E-Ticket again. -Faster page loading, No images are downloaded except when extremely necessary. -Avoids unwanted usage of IRCTC resources, It never create a new session if existing session still valid. -Major IRCTC navigation are redesigned(UI) with latest Android ICS design patterns. -Designed in multi-threaded architecture to utilize multi core processors. -YOU CAN USE ANY DEBIT CARD FOR THE PAYMENT. (Choose "Other Bank Master/Visa Debit Card" option at payment page.) Limitations: -The application’s Online functionalities are highly depends on IRCTC mobile web page(www.irctc.co.in/mobile), and it will not work if mobile webpage is down. -Journey date will not be listed in Offline Tickets as IRCTC not included it in the Ticket Details of mobile web page. PS : IRCTC does not have any official Android app, all it has a mobile website which rarely works.
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    Offtopic: Best part about this post is the signature.. First read no support will be available. and then read (Lets help each other) lol! Please dont mind sir, Just tryna make people laugh!