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    @gpkumaran pradeep is right i helped him out and initially i asked him money because many people are importing and asking step by step information. knowing that he has unlocked phones earlier and not a newbie i just forwarded him the files. every thing is there in forum we just need to pay attention. and my intention is not to lose customers that is the reason i ask to pm. if every newbie unlocks then who is going to pay us.
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    I was trying to make my already registered phone work with lollipop (its currently on nv mode) but it only seems to work on ZV8. if I update, I get 1 call issue... thats why I was asking if there is any way to make relaince work on nv.
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    Have pmed you Have pmed you sorry Boss, I could not accept your request to give all the sims to you. I have given it to our AP members. Moreover you know, these pre provisioned sims attached with MDN to each RSN and not useful to anybody outside AP. Do not think otherwise.
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    So Fradeep, It would`ve been nice had you divulged this information right out in the open forum instead of asking me to PM and then telling me that YOUR FRIEND wants 500 rs.