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    Free 10GB Data on Upgrade to LTE for Postpaid as well as Prepaid. Postpaid user shall get by default. Prepaid user for recharge with FRC(Circle Specific) Prepaid user shall get additionally 150 Minutes Free to All India + R2R All India Free apart from 10GB. For Delhi Users; I shall be providing the LTE Sims Online. So stay tuned to RIMweb.in
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    Yes I shall send you 2 LTE Sims to your Kolkata address when i come up with online process over RIMweb.in for Migration
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    Reason is most people have moved away from CDMA network and it's almost empty network and hence this great speed..sent from my Lenovo Vibe P1 using Tapatalk
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    Hello RIMwebians, As you all know, current RCom CDMA Spectrum is getting vacant for Band 5 LTE network, RCOM Delhi Circle has launched very aggresive offer for Old good payer Postpaid User of NetConnect+ Dongle. Under this scheme the high ARPU Gold, Platinuim and Silver category users shall get ABSOLUTELY FREE upgrade to latest launched WiPod Mini LAVA MF 802s WiFi Battery dongle. Delhi Users of RCom NetConnect+ dongle may call Customer Care 180030005555 or visit nearest Reliance Office to get the free dongle free of cost. To know the status whether you are eligible or not, you can leave the MDN of your NetConnect+ Pospaid dongle in the thread and i shall let you know whether you are eligible or not. Thanks Amit Jain You need to submit following to get free WiPod worth Rs. 1800 ID Proof Photo Old Dongle Soon i am coming up with online service for providing you all free WiPod dongle too, stay tuned to RIMweb.in.
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    What happens ro my 4444/- offer which provides me monthly 500 R TO R LOCAL/NATIONAL MINUTES
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    All plans etc might carry forward but Cdma = lte gsm mode its like porting to rgsm Please tell the date when sims will be available.... Needs to make a decision to buy a handset
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    Hi. I finally got 4g rcom sim. They asked for 125 rs. In which 25 rs sim cost and 100rs first recharge is compulsary they say and i will get full talktime. They say 10gb free data for first month and 100 rs talktime. I wanted to buy 4 sims but i got one to test. I will only port out if network is good or else i will stay on cdma untill its dead. Let me test it out. They also said it gonna start form 4th. I was like wtf today is 25th. But i guess it will start early. They are also fooling customer by saying cdma will shut down on 30th and i dont think it will. Cause his smile was sneaky. Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
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    I have Delhi postpaid and Delhi prepaid CDMA SIM on roaming in Kolkata. Would it be possible to activate 4G from Kolkata Will old postpaid plans and existing prepaid balance continue in 4G (confused due to the requirement of FRC and free calls)
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    Network in my phone has gone pathetic. Call drop, low voice have become a permanent issue. BTW, just received Redmi Note 3 and it is working well with Reliance CDMA including Data
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    Z-623 is 2.1 Havent tried many different options for source but my credible source is Cowon S9 (Pathetic interface awesome sound quality) playing flac. I have couple of songs (Dostana - Desi Girl / ATB - Let You Go / Keane - Everybody changing etc.) which I used over the years to benchmark a system and headphones Audio-Techinca M50 / Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor / Klipsh - Image One , S4 etc. So without going much into technicalities, I would say that I can guess when something is brighter / recessed / missing etc. And if a system is not balanced then you can may be play around with Eq. a Bit to make it to your liking. But there is nothing much you can do when something is totally missing. Kindly checkout reviews and every now and then some music enthusiast will talk about this. Will quote one, you can check more. Source: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/review/speakers/logitech-z623-review-3274579/ All I am saying is this one is not balanced and Eq. settings doesnt help either.
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    check rcom website upgrade to 4g coming soon ~ banner is flashing so its gonna be anytime soon now
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    dear brother, kindly go through the reviews of z5500. I have a 7.2 Yamaha+Paradigm setup aswell, so, I can bet z5500 is best thing to buy at the price
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    This is a good plan for Army / Police personal, by taking a connection with Rs. 50/- FRC, Customer gets 50 minutes of TT (Local+STD) CUG - Free Local Onnet/Offnet Calling - 30p STD - 40p Restriction in Numbers on individual name is upto 5 connections CUG will be auto added with the core group All STV / TU's are allowed to recharge...this looks like a good plan