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    Just to inform all MTS users, MTS-RCom merger to be completed by October this year. And RCom will kill MTS CDMA and ask you to join RCom LTE which is far inferior to Jio LTE. https://drrdb.blogspot.in/2017/10/merger-of-sstl-into-rcom-to-be.html I was a long term MTS user, I moved to Airtel 4G in last July.
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    TRAI further modified pesky calls/SMS regulation today. Now if there is an unsolicited commercial communication from a subscriber who is not registered as a telemarketer, the telecom service provider will be liable to pay Rs 5,000 as penalty on each complaint. When such unsolicited commercial communication contains reference to another telephone number or an entity such as banks, insurance companies, builders, for which the commercial transaction has been solicited, the telecom resources issued to the subscriber/ entity for which commercial transaction has been solicited, shall be disconnected across all service providers on receipt of a complaint, after serving notices each on the first and the second complaint. TRAI Press Release >> http://www.trai.gov.in/WriteReadData/WhatsNew/Documents/Press%20Release%20on%20UCC_Final.pdf Regulation Amendment >> http://www.trai.gov.in/WriteReadData/WhatsNew/Documents/13th%20amendment%2022_8_2013.pdf
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    i have logged a complaint today with regard to network issues with my wireline and wireless phone. Let's see how much time it takes to get the issue resolved.
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    Can any new company bid for 2G now say Moserbaer, Tulip, Oswal who also participated in 2008 give away?
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    ^^^ Seems exactly like that. A very important observation. Even I got nowhere with AirHELL in the past, even after complaining to DoT. RCom and even Docomo though do pay heed to it.
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    ^^^^ 1) Yes. CCI [Competition Commission of India] is sleeping acting like sleeping. 2) NO. Actually everyone other than Africans are treated unfairly by AirHELL. 3) Yes.