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    No I don't mean that - but SSL certificate assures the authenticity of the site. Normally I just don't put my number on any web form unless I am totally sure.
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    Thanks for the useful information. Do you what other models of Airtel 4G dongle can be unlocked to use with Jio ?
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    Interesting concept and "might" work on Reliance RUIM, let me know if someone can confirm same.
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    The termination charges for SMS was fixed at 10 paisa but TRAI never monitored the transactions in SMS charges which resulted in operators sending messages without paying any termination charges to each other. The business logic for operators was that SMS constitutes a major chunk of their traffic thus non-charging would negate any payment towards termination charges. This resulted in operators offering free SMS packs with mutual understanding. This started choking the networks as new entrants also started the same practice of offering free or lower SMS rates pack. Older telecos are not comfortable with new entrants utilizing similar strategy as majority of old customers reside on their network. Thus Bharti Airtel recently started charging 10 paisa as termination charges without dolling out any favors to other networks Currently a voice call is charged less than a SMS. The SMS charges ranges from 50 paisa - Rs.1 without considering any value added package plans. Thus the levying of termination charges will bring transparency to the whole messaging system at the same time see irrational telecom packages going out of market and SMS charges falling inline with calling charges. This move will hardly increase SMS charges but if TRAI interferes to bring down the SMS prices as majority of this revenues goes into operators kitty it could start a downfall in SMS charges.The operators currently earn a hefty profit through messaging as network cost is minimal in terminating messages thus they needs to bring rationality in their chtarges to benefit the subscribers
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    All these phones are good... but for me the most awaited phone is 2nd generation moto x... if they get the pricing right, it would be able to compete with the best in class.. I hope meid registration opens by that time
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    ^^^^ 1) Yes. CCI [Competition Commission of India] is sleeping acting like sleeping. 2) NO. Actually everyone other than Africans are treated unfairly by AirHELL. 3) Yes.