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    ^ Would sell quick if priced correct, the walkman series has amazing music. I like the way Sony/SE is adapting all it's products to fit into the android spectrum - from walkman phone to playstation phone.
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    Airtel have not won the 3G spectrum in Kerala through the concluded auctions and still had send a SMS yesterday stating - Get ready for the 3G experience with Airtel. To be launched in Kerala soon.. Now we know how. The incumbents have entered into an agreement to get a pan-India presence! I was hoping that the Tatas - Rel - Aircel does the same but now it seems that they are forging an tie-up with State telecos, BSNL and MTNL to offer 3G services in the circles where it have not won the airwaves.
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    That is a very good question! In all likelihood they are going to share 3G spectrum only for data users, who make a insignificant part compared to vast majority of voice-alone users. And the home operator which own 3G spectrum will charge a premium when the subscriber of other network access its service, it will be like what they do while in roaming. What do you think?