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    did a recharge of Rs 49x13 for the Rs 1500 jio phone which my daughter uses so now voice will be free @ Rs 637 for a year (364 days) without any headache of paying / recharging. I dont see any other operator offering unlimited calling for both roaming as well as local in 637 bucks also dont see rates bottoming from Rs 49 / 28 days so this is a win win for heavy voice users or cases like mine where i dont want my child to have whatsapp access but only access to a phone.
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    jio 1500 phone users are for a bonanza with recharge rate falling to 49 from 153 for 28 days existing users can also avail this offer
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    Will CDMA suffer from this hike too? I thought this whole 2G scam was related to GSM cause CDMA works on different frequency. I thought 2G scam was about the 850MHz/900MHz(whichever works in India) band.
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    AirHELL increasing base tariff in India is good for Africa... They shamelessly calls themselves as India's network... I too agree that TRAI will intervene for sure, if the suitcases given to them are NOT enough... Their MoU (Minutes of Usage) will get a severe beat in coming months (happened earlier)...
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    ^ So the Dakota and Montana rumors posted earlier here and here are correct. The only surprise is BlackBerry 7 OS not 6.1.