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    DoT refuses to extend licences of Vodafone, Airtel; asks telcos to participate in spectrum auctions Source NEW DELHI: In a major setback to Vodafone India, the telecom department has denied its request for extension of licences in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata that are coming up for renewal in late 2014. A top communications ministry official said a similar request from BhartiAirtel has been rejected as well. In a communication to Vodafone, accessed by ET, the telecom department (DoT) has said under the new policy on spectrum allocation, airwaves have been delinked from licence. Therefore, the firm must participate in the auctions to be held later this year to access airwaves at market price. "Unless you participate in auctions and get your bid confirmed, you would not be entitled to wireless licence, which is a requisite," DoT said. It added that Vodafone was given a chance to participate in auctions, concluded early this month, but it stayed away. "In the circumstances, we find no reason to grant you an extension contemplated by Clause 4.1. It is also not expedient to do so as there is no inclination shown by you to come to settle new terms and conditions in pursuance of and in conformities of the extant policies...Consequently, your request for an extension for 10 years on the same terms and conditions stands rejected," the DoT notice said. DoT's Refusal to Prolong Legal Battle The department went on to add that government held the sole right to allocate spectrum and that Vodafone cannot claim any right, "much less preemptive right" with regard to extension of its permits under Clause 4.1 of the licence. A Vodafone spokesperson said the company was 'deeply disappointed' with the rejection of its request. "Vodafone is deeply disappointed with the summary rejection of its request for extension of its licences in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata service areas by DoT. This decision is against the interests of our several million customers in these cities/circles. In addition, there appears to be no acknowledgment by DoT of the full and faithful operation of the licence (by Vodafone) for 18 years...Vodafone has also been consistently contributing several crores in revenues to the national exchequer. Clearly, in DoT's opinion, these aspects are not important for determining expe-diency," the spokesperson said. A senior telecom department official added that similar notices would go out to Bharti Airtel by Monday or early next week. DoT's decision will prolong the legal battle between telecom operators and the government and will in all likelihood cast a shadow on the government's plan to refarm, or redistribute, airwaves in the 900 Mhz band.
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    Uninor To Close Down Mumbai Operations From Midnight Source NEW DELHI, FEB 16: Telecom operator Uninor said it will close its Mumbai operations from midnight following the Supreme Court (SC) order. “The Court has ordered an immediate closure of operations and no temporary license too is available to allow a gradual process. Unfortunately, we have no choice now but to follow the Court’s order and close down our network immediately,” Sigve Brekke, Managing Director of Uninor said in a statement. The Supreme Court in February 2012 cancelled 22 licences of Uninor. The majority stakeholder of the company, Telenor participated in November 2012 auction through new entity Telewings Communications and won spectrum in six circles. Telenor is now in the process of transferring business of Uninor in Maharashtra and Goa, Gujarat, UP East, UP West, Bihar and Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh service areas, to Telewings Communications. Uninor said its operations in these service areas “will continue as fresh spectrum for 20 years has already been secured.” Uninor will also sign roaming agreements with other operators to ensure that all Uninor customers get seamless connectivity when travelling to Mumbai. “All Uninor customers from Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and other circles will continue to be able to use their Uninor phones in Mumbai,” the statement said.
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    Analyst Angle: BWA in India: WiMAX, TD-LTE and things in the rearview mirror Flap over security concerns could hobble Huawei, ZTE growth in India source :: http://www.rcrwireless.com/article/20100505/SPECTRUM_AUCTION/100509967/analyst-angle-bwa-in-india-wimax-td-lte-and-things-in-the-rearview Although article is heavily loaded against WiMax, it throws good information on ecosystem here and there...
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    It is very difficult to accept that our agencies just recorded conversations without disconnecting it....May be just a bit of exaggeration..... The points regarding the revamping of our security apparatus and intelligence gathering is a valid one. Everyone here in the forum is aware and vouch for it. Coming back to this topic, Let us park all the terms like patriotism, terrorism, intelligence, security etc., for a moment. What we want here is very simple. There is requirement of lawful interception and every telecom entity operating in India must abide by it. Technology can't be allowed to be used as an excuse. On contrary, technology should be used to abide with law. No excuses.... No justifications.....No procrastinations..... All the faults which had been highlighted can be overcome easily if you develop a nation of law abiding citizens(inc. corporates).