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    Understand the meaning of LTE = Long Term Evolution Rarely does one come across a name which signifies the meaning so effectively.
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    Actually I am asking that: is not 2.3GHz band a new band for LTE rollout as it is given to private operators of India? As still no operators worldwide did not roll out LTE on this 2.3GHz band we can not use imported LTE smartphone with Indian operators? I think it would better 2.3GHz band LTE deployment in urban areas where data demand is high, and 700 MHz is for rural connectivity due to this band's ability to offer 3 times more coverage.
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    And recently there was EGoM(Empowered Group of Ministers) meeting on the issue of government agencies which hold 700Mhz band, the outcome was that they decided to release the 700Mhz band from government agencies to general public for data(4G) purpose. And after the meeting Kapil Sibal announced this 700Mhz band will be put to auction by the end of this year. We have to wait & see if the service providers in India use LTE-FDD Technology (US type) or TD-LTE technology once they get 700Mhz spectrum. One more interesting thing that came out of that meeting is that the release of 1700Mhz to 2000Mhz spectrum, which is held by Defence & for which DoT is asking to allocate that spectrum to it, especially in Urban areas, as 3G,4G services can be served using that spectrum. Accoding to Kapil Sibal, this issue regarding 1700-2000Mhz spectrum is in final stages to be resolved. As RIL is already planning to roll out 4G services on 2500Mhz band, it's interesting to see which service providers are interested in the aution of 700Mhz auction(& other bands). It's looking like we could face a situation where different service provider providing 4G services in different bands(which ruins the handset compatability among service providers). Source: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/egom-decides-to-free-700-mhz-spectrum-band-for-4g/236412-3.html