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    I would say Airtel & Vodafone are "Fishing in troubled waters" since, now they are just trying to improve their ARPU figures by shredding low ARPU users or forcing recharge upon them. I totally agree with you regarding the burden of maintaining such huge network but it is not going to help them by taking this step as by the way of loosing customers they cannot reduce their maintenance expenses but instead more calls will terminate to other networks. Though it is going to fetch them some quick revenue but is surely going to affect their future business, since many lifetime validity users were suppose to recharge a minimum of ₹200 every 6 months to continue their services and now forced recharging for them will only yield ₹55 extra ( since ₹35X13 = ₹455 i.e. ₹55 extra for 13X28 days= 364 days). No customer will ever want to live with the fear of losing outgoing after 28 days without any grace period if he forgets to recharge on the last day. IMHO it is a short term revenue collection policy and TRAI is equally involved since this violates the TRAI's 90 days disconnection policy. I am just concerned about the majority of lower income people using mobile - as they are going to be affected badly by this move.
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    If Still anyone having or using LG G3 US990 US cellular model then Fulmics ROM is working perfectly with Jio simcard with DATA and calling Through Jio4G voice. Issue of low Signal solved with this ROM Earlier problem of Registering with Jio4G voice is solved with Fulmics ROM. Other features are also working well and no major issue. Follow given XDA link for step by step installation of Fulmics ROM. Link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/development/rom-fulmics-rom-3-0-tweaks-hub-ota-v30b-t3304556
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    If you are looking for Dualband (both 2.4GHz and 5GHz) ones, with great reception and don't care about lengthy antenna, go for THIS.. If you want Dualband one, but not with protruding antenna, go for THIS... Even though going for dualband ones will be future proof, it is NOT really needed now. So for an ordinary 2.4GHz (JioFi uses 2.4GHz only) go for THIS..
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    Guys, Aircel has launched an online portal for generating UPC codes for its existing customers. Those who are still not able to generate UPC code through SMS because of network unavailability can get it done online. Just click on one of the following link(s):- https://ekyc.aircel.com:444/ekyc/genUPC.html After opening the webpage, enter your 10-digit Aircel number, last 5 digits of your SIM number (which is printed on your SIM), select your home circle (if required), and then click on Generate UPC.
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    the data card cost 2500rs and 120rs for 3g sim.
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    Yes. It supports 2 CA, with band 3 + Band 40 only. So no Band 5 + Band 40 and even no Band 40 + Band 40 support as well. Still Useful for Airtel and Jio. From my personal experience Poco F1 works better with Airtel than Jio.
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    Airtel VoLTE is available along with Jio VoLTE on our Redmi 6A, since last evening [30-Jan-2019, 4.00PM]. The device is currently on MiUi Global Stable version
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    After public outcry, TRAI has intervened. Now, the minimum validity recharge has been reduced to 23 by Airtel and 24 by Voda. To recharge from main balance, for airtel dial *121*51# and choose 23. it can also be put on auto renew mode. for voda dial *444*24#. no auto renew option. for idea dial *369*24#. no auto renew option.
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    those who use only for incoming would wait till 28+15 (43) days to do validity recharge. so they would be paying about 300 now instead of the earlier 400. And yes TRAI regulations are violated as the to the Telecom Consumer Protection Regulation (Sixth Amendment) Rules specify that connection can not be discontinued as long as the main balance is more than Rs.20, but Rs20/30 days can be deducted for inactive numbers.
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    BSNL Prepaid Karnataka Circle Plan voucher: Rs.36/- Tariff: Local - Rs.0.02/- Per sec; STD - Rs.0.024/- Per sec Plan Validity: 180 days [6 months] After Plan validity Expiry Grace Period GP1: 15 days [Outgoing Calls & SMS barred except Toll Free & Emergency Nos. - if recharged, Talktime balance carry forward] Grace period GP2: 165 days [Outgoing Calls & SMS barred except Toll Free & Emergency Nos. - if Recharged, Number is retained] Note: Once recharged with Rs.36/-, BSNL customer gets Incoming calls & SMS free for 180+15+165=360 days
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    This was bound to happen. There are millions of customers who do not recharge for months but enjoy incoming facility and telcos are burden with maintaining service to them without single paisa coming in. Due to extremely low plans, nad eroded margins, they can't afford such connections. The problem will be for those in lower income groups as only one connection is generaly used for outgoing and rest for incoming. It will be hard for them to maintain all connections.
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    one of my friends informs that, "there is no point in Rooting Lyf handsets to uninstall LyfCare app - the buyer of the handset can always install the LyfCare app from playstore & the profile is revealed!" instead, he suggested to edit the profile as: Address: xxxxxx [for all fields] E-mail: xxxxxx@lyf.com Phone number: "rarely" used No. [for OTP from LyfCare]. However, Regd. Name can't be edited!
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    for those who have jio Rs.50 vouchers unused in their account open Myjio. Go to vouchers and select option to buy voucher. select 149 recharge + 11 data voucher proceed to pay you will get option to use 50 credit voucher, select that pay 110 by any method and get one 149 recharge voucher and one 11 data voucher in your account these vouchers are not tied to your account and can be transferred to any user.
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    With reference to the Circular issued by RBI regarding "Storage of Payment System Data" Phonepe has published a detailed/comprehensive article regarding Data Localization. The government is framing another Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 (Draft) to keep all consumer related data of Indians within India (Data Servers within India). This is a good move IMHO.
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    Offer for Phonepe app users Only!! Now you can get ₹399 recharge for ₹299 only. i.e. ₹100 per month (28 Days). This offer is valid till 21st September 2018, so please hurry if you have not availed it yet. Remember it is only for the FIRST recharge during the offer period using Phonepe payment option & DO NOT PAY USING PHONEPE WALLET BALANCE - you will not get cashback (Use any other mode from within Phonepe viz. UPI, Debit or Credit Card). You need to pay at least ₹300 using any payment mode in Phonepe and pay the balance through Wallet Balance to be able to avail ₹50 cashback. Only proceed further when you see the Green label/tag at the bottom of the final Phonepe payment screen mentioning ₹50 cashback applied. ₹50 Jio Voucher gets applied only while recharging through Jio app and not through Jio website so be careful. You need to pay ₹349 and will get ₹50 cashback in Phonepe after successful transaction. For Phonepe terms go to https://tnc.phonepe.com/tncstore/18/09/10/OF1809101606514421075583/en.html
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    Jio is giving FREE data to all its customers whereas Airtel is giving DATA to only 4G handset users and not to any 3G handset users. I have AIrtel SIM in my 3G handset and have been receiving SMS as well as calls from Airtel since last month to avail 10GB data. Airtel initially didn't disclose that it was only 4G data and just mentioned FREE DATA but later (since last 15 days) started mentioning 4G in SMS as well as calls. It is likely that some of its subscribers must have activated it and may have lost balances while using it in 3G handsets. I also had the same notion in the begining that it is FREE DATA but thank god I didn't try to avail it.
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    That's 2GB per day for 4 days in September as well as October as per Jio announcement / faq section. All my Jio prepaid numbers have this 4 days pack activated already. This will repeat again in October as well. Sent from my Samsung C9 pro using Tapatalk
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    Update from USA Airtel latches to AT&T in USA. AT&T has discontinued 2G w.e.f. January 2017 - only 3G & 4G available Airtel IR Pack 2,999 works fine in USA [10 days validity; unlimited incoming calls/SMS; 250min local/India calling; 100 SMS per day] T-mobile 2G/3G/4G is available. Airtel also latches to T-mobile 2G [when AT&T isn't available], but service is patchy! Moto G5 Plus [India model] doesn't seem to support WiFi calling. however, it is compatible to AT&T 3G & 4G
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    You can try cleaning the terminals of your WiFi card. Open the bottom of your laptop. Disconnect antenna wires & Take out the WiFi Card. Clean the terminals using Any soft rubber eraser. Re-insert the card, connect the Antenna wires & reboot. Download the latest drivers if required. Should work like before.
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    I don't think the battery drain in DualVoLTE networks will be higher than 4G + 3G phones, unless otherwise the 4G coverage of one of the network su(ks... Constant switching from 4G to 3G/2G for voice calls will drain the battery more, imho...
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    Get UPC code without Network For Aircel Make a call on this numbers [From any Network] Bihar & jharkhand : 9852012345 Delhi : 9852012345 Andhra Pradesh : 9700012345 Assam : 9854012345 Kolkatta : 9804012345 Tamil naidu : 9750999209 /9551299210 Rajesthan : 9782012345 Chennai : 98410 12345 Haryana : 9802012345 Himachal Pradesh : 9857012345 Karnataka : 9738012345 Kerala : 9809012345 Madhya Pradesh : 9806012345 Maharashtra : 9762012345 Mumbai : 9768012345 Orrisa : 9856012345 Punjab : 9803012345 Uttar Pradesh : 9808012345 West Bengal : 9851012345 Jammu & Kashmir : 9858012345 Put ur aircel number Put last 5 digits of ur sim number And Get YOUR PORT code. (Note: If you dont know sim no. Then download Sim Info app from Play Store to get sim Number)
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    Hi all. There is a good news for xiaomi mi5 user. Now after latest update mi5 is supporting carrier aggregation(3ca). Speed is really awesome, equal to samsung s7. Screen shot is attached.
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    I think there is some Android app in play store to show sim number as well (link HERE). Will be very useful for customers using very old sim card. Better try that app with only the aircel SIM (preferably on the slot 1) in the phone.
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    5GB add on you got must have been under Xiaomi offer & is associated with particular handset and cannot be used with any other device. It seems they are giving on lot basis - so keep checking, you may get the 10GB on the other sim within next few days. Good luck!
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    after RCom fiasco, who would trust Anil baba for 5 years
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    I have changed one of my sim from mobile handset to newly purchased (26th January 2018) iBall Tab and got 10GB on that device too. The particular sim was lying without any plan from 8th Nov to 26th January when I inserted it into iBall and restored the services by redeeming one of my ₹399 stored voucher on that sim. I don't know what exactly is the eligibility criteria for getting 10GB but I got it on all my connections - Lava X11, Redmi Note 3 Pro and iBall Tab too (purchased in January 2018).
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    The list will be too big, imho.. Here is a Wikipedia link, showing 4G+ Handsets and level of CA supported...
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    Hello Everyone, I just heard that JIO is launching DTH services in the month of April. http://www.bgr.in/news/reliance-jio-set-top-box-leaked-in-images-heres-everything-we-know-so-far/ Any info on getting details, please do reply.
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    This is very important. Unless they implement VoLTE, it doesn't really make sense for people with 4g handsets to stick with RCOM. At least in states like kerala where they don't have 3G network at all. Moreover, the voice clarity is below average in my place at least. One thing I heard from one of the old employees of RCOM is that they are currently concentrating on the Aircel merger not on any network expansion. In fact he also told me that though it is projected as a merger, it's more like selling RCOMs wireless business to Aircel and most of the key positions in the company would be taken up by Aircel employees. Not sure how far this is true. But I believe it to some extend with my experience of sending a mail to RCOM appelette authority and I am yet to get an acknowledgement or response of some sort even after 3 weeks. It seems that RCOM doesn't really care about their current customers. They are busy selling their company to Aircel.
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    I am in Nagpur maharashtra. A friend of javed khan.
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    Out of all the operators, MTS will get back the spectrum at a cheap price(base price to be assigned by TRAI) since there'll be zero competition for CDMA spectrum. I expect neither RCOM nor TATA nor BSNL nor MTNL to bid for CDMA spectrum. Now, it's imperative upon TRAI to complete the auction process within the grace period of 4 months in order to avoid trouble for subscribers of prospective re-winning operators of shifting to other operators during interim period.
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    I visit Delhi twice a year and I never faced any issue with Vodafone network. Even my father and brother also use vodafone only and they too never faced any issues related to call drops etc. Vodafone's tariffs are reasonable but not the cheapeat.
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    This is really funny... A Die Hard Apple Loyalist... Can't do without iPad in Jail too... 2G case: Delhi HC denies iPad to Asif Balwa Source The city government and Tihar Jail authorities today told the Delhi High court that Asif Balwa , an accused in the 2G spectrum case, cannot be allowed to use I Pad in jail. "It is not possible to ensure that I-Pad may not be used as a communication device. Removal of some features from it does not ensure that other large number of applications available are rendered unusable," Delhi government told Justice S Muralidhar. The court after going through the detail note submitted by jail authorities, however, allowed Asif to suggest an alternative device through which no communication is possible. "The petitioner (Asif) will suggest alternative device whcih can be used only for reading files. The officers of Tihar Jail will again examine the alternative device," the court said. Vijay Agarwal , counsel for Asif, also sought the court's permission to be allowed to suggest an alternative device. "I am not in love with I-Pad. They can provide me a dead laptop," Agarwal said. Meanwhile, the counsel for Delhi government also sought directions to make the CBI a party to the case. The court issued notice to the CBI to make it a party in the case. The court had earlier asked the jail authorities and the city government to examine the I Pad, to be used by an accused for reading digitalised case files in prison, to ascertain if the equipment can be misused for communication. It had also asked the accused's counsel to deposit the I Pad with the jail officials who would get it checked by the IT department of Delhi government as to whether it can be misused for communication or not. The court's response came after Delhi government said that Balwa, Director of Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables, cannot be allowed to use the I Pad as it is not permitted by the jail manual. The government counsel had said security personnel are not equipped to detect any tampering with the gadget. The corporate executive has been arrested for his alleged role in facilitating the transfer of a sum of Rs 200 crore to DMK's party-owned television channel Kalaignar TV through his firm in a "circuitous manner". He is lodged at Tihar Jail along other 12 accused persons including former Telecom Minister A Raja , DMK MP Kanimozhi, Swan Telecom promoter Shahid Balwa .
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    HTC DROID Incredible 2 Spec Sheet - YES It's A Global Phone... CDMA + GSM.. Launching on April 28th
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    @Renuka Prasad: Glad to hear you have been able to sort out your net connectivity issues. I was just about to write a long winded procedure o try and get the net access working for you, but I'm glad I didnt need to, since you've already sorted it all out. Please feel free to browse the other Android based threads in the forum for useful information on how to get the best possible experience from your Android handset. Cheers!
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    I get messages telling me I am on DND so the companies cannot call me. What is the point of DND if it only applies to calls and messages still come.
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    Tele-marketing companies and operators uses DoT as an instrument to delay further..... source :: http://businesstoday.intoday.in/bt/story/trai-and-dot-tiff-to-delay-ban-on-unwanted-calls-again/1/13726.html It's utter non-sense to quote manual switching as a reason for delaying. Rather DoT must use this as an opportunity to move to automatic switching for all exchanges. Another reason quoted is also not futuristic. When TRAI is working hard on Number Portability in landline, the use of STD code to identify the exchange location is certainly not the future. Identifying exchange based on STD code is also irrelevant due to upcoming fixed-mobile convergence on which TRAI is formulating regulations. In nutshell, futuristic numbering system will not have any signature to identify whether the number belongs to landline or mobile. It'll also not have any signature to identify the exchange or the circle to which the number belongs to. With future in focus, DoT can use this "140" as an opportunity to force operators to upgrade their system in anticipation of landline number portability, inter-circle MNP and fixed-mobile convergence, the services on which TRAI is highly focussed to bring to live at the earliest.
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    No Need to De-register for Receiving Messages from School :: TRAI http://www.trai.gov.in/WriteReadData/trai/upload/PressReleases/802/pressR-clarification_School.pdf
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    It is problem of Maharashtra bsnl 3g circle. No 3g data card other than their own 3g data card work in Maharashtra circle. I have unlocked Huawei E1750 7.2 Mbps 3g modem. I try every setting for bsnl 3g ,upgraded firmware and dashboard but bsnl 3g not working. gives the error code 619 OR 628 randomly. It is problem of Maharashtra circle only it work in other state with no problem using same hardware.
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    Hello I am from Nagpur I had bought 3g modem of Vodafone about a year ago I recently used Docomo Sim in it was working connected on 3g but speed was not good Bought a BSNL SIM card yesterday am able to browse on mobile and from laptop thru mobile using the settings apn "bsnlnet" and UN ppp with password ppp123 but when I put the SIM in data card it does not work Can anybody help me in this matter The data card is not locked since I have used docomo card in it
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    It will be really helpful for subscribers whose operator doesn't have the 3g spectrum in there respective areas.
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    AFAIK, if a operator uses another operator's network to offer 3G services in a circle where they do not have 3G licence, then how will they bill for voice services or can they use the other operator's network only for 3G data? Will it not be roaming for the subscriber? Maybe all operators will remove roaming totally pan India - only then, this is possible. I had asked RCOM about Chennai since they do not have licence here - how they will offer 3G services here? This was the reply I got from them. But anything is possible in India. Though they did not divulge any details, they did hint at tie-ups with other operators, but then voice roaming will apply. Lets wait and watch as things unfold.... And IMHO, competition will not allow 3G pricing to be very ultra premium. Maybe for the first few months, operators may want to make merry, but even then people will start comparing BSNL's pricing for 3G services.
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    DoT instructs all the BTS installed before 18.05.2010 must be self-certified by 15.11.2010. DoT has relaxed the clause of submitting layout and photograph of sites for the first submission on 15.11.2010. However, in the next annual sbumission which is due on 15.11.2011, all sites' layout and photograph must reach DoT. BTS installed on or after 18.05.2010 must be self-certified before radiating. DoT says BSNL/MTNL will not have any special treatment. http://dot.gov.in/as/MNP/MNP_27.08.2010.pdf Kudos to DoT for following up the matter with seriousness. :clap:
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    Dear Friend I am using 3G SIM for nse trading on now software with AT&T unlocked aircard bought from EBAY. It's really good and is more or equal to landline broadband. One of the dealer in Nellore he is selling TMOBILE unlocked modem upto 7.6 MBPS and my cousin also bought it and he is saying it is equal to AT&T AIR CARD. Regards Babulu
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    DoT extends the timeline for self-certification by another 6 months. http://dot.gov.in/as/2010/as_08.06.2010.pdf New date for compliance is 15.11.2010 Hope atleast this date would be a deadline and not a guideline. Let us see the DoT's capability of enforcement.
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    Works fine with the latest version. Maybe you have an addon as Kumaar Shah mentioned.
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    ^^^ @ICU Yes you are right my dear friend, it is the problem of resolution. Thanks for your kind attention. @arun My dear Arun the allignment problem I had mentioned with the forum is only with 800x600 resolution mode. While on 1024x768 resolution mode it is perfect. So can it be possible for you to correct it for 800x600 resolution also ? Regards.
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    Dear Moda, I want to post a funny spoof on appli phone. bt the catch is it is greater than 2mb. what to do?