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  1. @Rajan i think you got it wrong. It's the other way here. Many customers are willing to pay for good services. I was using CDMA postpaid BIS plan of 1099 on RCDMA, but the company thought of defrauding me and i cancelled my number. I also ported out my TATA number coz they were not keen on offering my any kind of good handsets. In the nutshell CDMA is a good technology and personally i would love to have again a cdma number but i dont think it will be possible in near future.
  2. Blackberry Service Provider Suggestions

    Airtel is offering BB Lite plan for 2 months free in which u get email,bbm,facebook and twitter but no internet. If you want to get internet also then i would suggest go for Vodafone they have plan starting from as low as RS15 PS:All these plan are in prepaid,my personal suggestion is u should try first on prepaid then go for postpaid.
  3. Nokia Launches 4G device for use on TD-LTE Network http://telecomtalk.info/nokia-siemens-networks-4g-usb-dongle/77753/
  4. TATA's EVDO Coverage

    Thanx all for that info I think nobody got my point, what i was asking that i have got a palm pixi plus. can i activate Tata Indicom number on this handset with EVDO. Thanx.
  5. TATA's EVDO Coverage

    Could you tell how it can be done! Thanx.
  6. TATA's EVDO Coverage

    @Saket I read the post and packs are good, but one question arises will i be able to use them on my handset like palm pixi?
  7. Tested on HTC Vision using speedtest app on MTNL 3G Test Date: Sep 18, 2011 8:46:34 pm Connection Type: Hsdpa Server: New Delhi Download: 1.58 Mbps Upload: 0.02 Mbps Ping: 304 ms
  8. Qualcomm announces LTE-TDD devices http://www.bgr.in/2011/08/30/qualcomm-announces-multi-mode-lte-tdd-devices-indiaon/
  9. good initiative by MTS. BTW both handset are EVDO Rev. A enabled.
  10. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    Jailer to KASAB: y r u so happy???Kasab : I am not Indian, I Hate India, I killed Indians, but I am sure I am safe in India.?? . . Journalist to Anna Hazare : y r u so sad??? Anna : I am Indian, I love my India n Indians, but I am not sure when I wil b killed.?? . . This is INDIA.!
  11. Looking To Join Reliance GSM From Vodafone

    @sankeerth i would suggest to never ever take Reliance postpaid connection, only take prepaid. I am speaking from a personal experience, reliance postpaid have a serious billing issue.
  12. Read this article http://telecomtalk.info/user-experience-from-mts-really-a-step-ahead/74547/#more-74547 One of the main reason for CDMA Decline(especially Reliance)
  13. Looking To Join Reliance GSM From Vodafone

    why cant you get prepaid plan on mnp? if u really want to shift to reliance gsm(plz think twice), then i would suggest go only for prepaid and not postpaid(their billing software is full of bugs).
  14. Hope they launch this kind of plans in delhi Best available plan here is too expensive Rs.1650 for 10gb
  15. Check out this new ad from reliance Takes a dig at other tabs