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  1. Did you guys or anyone else figure out which firmware to use for enabling voice calling on this router? BTW there is new method on youtube which allows you to unlock this router via network cable only. No need to solder USB cable anymore.
  2. Hi Guys, Please tell me which colour reliance handset has best battery life in budget of upto 6k...Need to get one soon.. Regards,
  3. LG RD 8000 Chocolate Phone

    Don't repent dude. for me, 2865 is doing great job in 6k, rather than spending almost double on chocolate. the softwares installed in 2865, esp the bluetooch remote control, is really making life much easier. ya, if LG chocolate would be at 8k, then i'd join u in , but 11k seems much costlier just for looks, not even expandable memory. for that money, i think N6275 is a good choice. hehe...i guess u'r right, moreso after i read the review link of it, posted on the thread's first page.. But thing is phone wasn't for me, it was for Dad and he wanted to spend more, on a good looking phone and he won't be using most of the features....I agree 6275 is good phone feature wise, but lookwise it just dosen't justify 11k, so didn't let dad go for it... Also like to add one thing, all the LG & Nokia clamshell's have gone off the market now except for the puny n2255..so they're aren't any good lookin sets for reliance now, except for this..
  4. LG RD 8000 Chocolate Phone

    noooooo, damn i just bought nokia 2865 yesterday, none of the guys at delhi WW told me about that
  5. Which Reliance Handset Has Best Battery Life

    hmm well 8k a lil beyond my budget..but can consider it.. how does 2865 and 6235 compare feature wise (except the camera) and which has better battery life ? Also what about LG colour clamshells, has it got battery comparable to nokia?
  6. Which Handset

    Hi guys, I'm planning to upgrade my old Reliance Handset LG RD2030, to a new one. I thinking of going for a camera phone. I want to know which handsets are available with 1mp or up camera with Reliance. Also please tell me the approx prices... Thanx
  7. Which Handset

    Okay thanx a lot
  8. Which Handset

    Thanx for the detailed reply kshah, but i wud like to know if i can access internet on PC using this phone(the R-connect service i'm talking about), its important for me as i need it with my laptop, when i don't have a wired internet conx... Regards,
  9. Which Handset

    Well 6265 looks like it wud cost a bomb, my max budget would be arnd 12k's. Guess i have to go for 6155 no other options, huh ? Well kshah (or any other member) can you tell me 2 things about the Nokia 6155: 1. Will i be able to use R-Connect (internet on PC) service from this phone 2. Does it heat up on using long times.. Also please tell me how is your experiance with this phone, has it got any issues, how would you rate the phone on scale of 10. Thanks
  10. Which Handset

    ^^yeah, i was thinking about going for 6155 as it has good features but only got 14mb memory There's also some kyocera kx2 phone, having an mp cam. But i am not very confident about quality of kyocera phones...can anyone give me any insight on that ?? And BTW when is the Razr for reliance expected ??