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  1. Will the LeTv 1s work on Jio ?- http://www.flipkart.com/le-1s?otracker=hp_widget_banner_0_image
  2. PG Portal should yield the desired results -I have had a good experience atleast twice.
  3. Google Sells Motorola To Lenovo

    Google selling off Moto - http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-01-29/google-ends-its-motorola-misadventure
  4. Death of HDD

    I`ve the Asus RT-N56u with a 250GB HDD plugged in and it works well. Asus has a droid app as well which helps you monitor downloads over your phone (when on the network). Since you are more on the technical side, you could give the Raspberry Pi with a connected external HD a shot as well.
  5. oo Yes, the guy still has HTC nexus mentioned on his most, and is also selling Micromax (from CA).. I guess Hugh Jackman impact @ Bablus- I would do a budget trip on 5500.
  6. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    So, I called up the CC and they told me they don`t have the procedures to deactivate EVDO from their end, and I will need to visit the webworld for that. However, looks like Puneet already visited one and he is still at square 1. Gurus- any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Just stumbled upon this- http://ahmedabad.quikr.com/WELCOME-TO-GLOBAL-ELECTRONICES-ITD-are-On-sales-Of-Brand-New-Apple-i-phone-5-samsung-galaxy-s4-Factory-91-9916599545-W0QQAdIdZ143522996 Called the guy up, and (apparently) someone from US picked up, who asked me to speak only in English. He claims all of these are original phones (he kept repeating all phones are from California time and again) with 1 year warranty and 3 month replacement. Payment terms- 5,500 to be deposited, and the rest to the courier delivery guy. On asking him if this was the only way to buy and if they were on ebay, he told me they are still establishing the company here. .. The prices are pretty tempting though.
  8. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    Hi, I am still struggling to get EVDO on my device. The earlier device was Samsung Continuum on which EVDO worked perfectly. Is getting deactivation and reactivation the only way? The chat agent on RCOM is just stuck on the fact that deactivation is on the handset .. (1x works perfectly right now).. Any clues ? Thanks.
  9. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    Done - not a detailed review- but a quick overview -http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/26307-your-latest-hardware-purchase/page-49
  10. Bought the Lenovo A820E - http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181237348622#ht_1683wt_1037 recently for my sister. Build quality The build quality of the phone is pretty good. This was the first Lenovo phone that I bought. In comparison to previous Samsung phones, the overall build appears solid and is incredibly light. Screen The screen is as vibrant as it gets. I use a Galaxy Nexus and would say that the screen is definitely better than the one on my phone. Software/Apps- this is the only con I would mention for the phone. The phone has deep Chinese influence Though the language has been changed, the Chinese fonts appear pretty frequently(like caller ID). The phone has a Lenovo version of the OS and a lot of Google apps do not work on this. The play store was installed by the seller, but Google apps like Maps, Chrome , others will not work on it. Most other apps are working well though. Not sure how the seller installed the play store, but the play store keeps crashing time and again. Battery- My sister told me the battery lasts longer than the previous Samsung Continuum- but the phone doesn`t have EVDO yet, and is only on 1x and that could be the reason. Apart from the app issue, I think this is a pretty good phone to buy in this price range. P.S- any help on EVDO would be greatly appreciated :-)
  11. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    Hi, I just moved from a non-sim handset to Lenovo A820E (ebay :-) ). Got a new OMH sim but only 1x data seems to be working. A message to 55333 with HSD says high speed data is already activated. Not sure what`s been missing out here. Any insight ?
  12. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/et-now/corporate/reliance-jio-infocomm-gets-unified-licence-for-4g-services/videoshow/24554804.cms
  13. Up and running after an hour of showing the connection error. Now trying to recall people with BB pin
  14. Jio applies for unified licence - http://in.reuters.com/article/2013/08/22/india-reliancejio-permit-idINDEE97L0DV20130822
  15. I had this strange issue while charging and I thought someone would be able to throw some light on what the reason might be. I was travelling the other day with my Galaxy Nexus, and my eyes lit up on seeing the charging dock at the airport. Strangely enough, on plugging the charging cable, the phone did start charging, but the screen became unresponsive and sluggish- it would not take the touch input properly. On unplugging the cable, it would work perfectly. While this was strange, a day later in the train I used my own charger in the socket in the compartment and the exact same thing happened. The phone and the charger work perfectly everywhere else. The Indian railway socket is 110V ~50Hz, and I have used it on other trains before and never has this happened before. Any insight on this ??
  16. I am also using a Samsung printer since almost 2 years, and am very happy with it. Was looking to buy a MFP, and had shortlisted 3206W, but could not find any sellers having it in stock- Just 1 or 2 on ebay. I was told by most that 3406w - http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/pc-peripherals-printer/laser-printer-multifunction/mono-laser-mfp/SCX-3406W/XIP is to be launched soon with more RAM and is priced around the same range.
  17. I also recieved my envelope with the screen guards yesterday.I had ordered the back and front skins for 3 different handsets and now I am confused what`s what. But it looks like patience is a going to be a reverred skill here. Thanks Rajanji !
  18. I suppose this is what RIL was waiting for - http://in.reuters.com/article/2013/02/18/india-telecoms-idINDEE91H06N20130218
  19. A slightly different take -http://www.firstpost.com/business/telco-lobbying-in-high-gear-fear-of-reliance-is-the-key-601839.html
  20. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Rs.249 for a FabIndia Gift Card worth Rs.500 http://www.groupon.co.in/deals/shopping/Fabindia/225536
  21. ll Bought this from Croma retail...Purchased this around three weeks back and seems to perform well.
  22. Hey, sorry missed replying on this earlier. I packed it and realised I did not put in the remote..I am on the lookout for that in my e-debris.