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  1. Mobile Tariff Plan Finder

    Hi, One of my Friend's company has developed software which can recommend a best suited mobile tariff plan based on you previous usage. You can upload your R-bill pdf files. It will extract data, do some data mining and will tell you which is best plan for you. The site also tell you if there is any better plan from other service provider. Atleast for me(1500min R2R local + 300 min R2R STD), it said DAPO is best plan. http://www.yourbillbuddy.com/index.html?utm_id=321 Try the same link. It will help my friend for referral bonus. ~nil
  2. Nokia & R-World, Why Nokia Don't Hv R-World

    since R-world is started on 3105, does ne1 have it working on nokia 3205 ??? - nil
  3. Surging Network Problems

    hi, I have very bad indoor network (0-1 bar) and average outdoor network ( 4-5 bar) at my place ... i have been complaining to reliance since july 2004 for network problems and each time i get reply that they will add "repeater" within 1 month ... but even after 9 months their 1 month due repeater has not arrived. Since last month i am facing call dropping problem. i complaind to CC and Chairman office. but getting same reply ... CC is not even recording my complaints ( which will be 7 th now) saying they have already have some closed file for same. Can i complain to consumer court or TRAI/TDSAT regarding same ??? i have kept all my mail communication with chairman office - nil PS : I cant change service provider for next 12 months as i am in DAPO
  4. Nokia 3205 Data Cable

    yes .... even the phone was showing msg saying ready for data . Have u tried it ??? - nil
  5. Nokia 3205 Data Cable

    hi, I tried to connect 3205 using DKU5 cable. But it is not detecting the phone :'( It is working using IR port. Has anyone tried it ??? - nil
  6. Handset With Maximum Downloadable Ringtones

    nokia 3205 rocks ... add anything u want in 3MB memory ... photos /sms/ ringtones/ games .... organise ur mobile space as u want ...
  7. Nokia Cdma Prices Slashed!

    i got 3205 in Rs. 8331 ... nice handset ... very user friendly ... after all its nokia ... no rworld ... it has features like mms/wap/e-mail but not enabled by reliance i have started paining CC and chairman office regarding this will add detail review soon. - nil
  8. Suggest me a New Handset

    Thanks all of u for ur replies. I have one more query ..... hows battery life of LG6130/7230 and NOkia 6585?? btw ...ne1 has idea abt cost of nokia 6585 ?? - nil
  9. hi, I am upgrading from GTran. So please suggest me good handset. After my experiance with GTRAN ( which i wont recommend to anyone), i have following requirements - - Good battery Life .... ( My Gtran doesn't last even for 24 hours ... have done all battery methods .... it doesn't improve) - Color handset - SMS to many/SMS word wrap .... ( I am in DAPO ) - good PC Sync - dowloadable games/ringtones - preferably internal camera ... ( external camera is pain ... have GTran experiance) - preferably w/o flap ... ( Cell gets dirty .... scratchess... no cover is available) - Wap browser ( R-world is not so imp as it will be paid soon) If i can also get Camera/FM radio/InfraRed/other geeky features in it, it would be gr8. Thanks in advance. - nil PS: can we have a chart/ rating for all Reliance handsets based on some standard features available ????
  10. Ring Tones Via Sms - 1237 Services

    i am in DAPO .... guess need to go to WW for waiver.
  11. Ring Tones Via Sms - 1237 Services

    I have already got reply from them ... Chairman's office said 1237 is only for ringtones .... so i would be charged.... The CC guy even told me that the service is not launched commercially .... how can RIM charge me for the service which is not commercially launched and supposed to be free for me - nil
  12. Ring Tones Via Sms - 1237 Services

    i did .... but CC said no waiver .... those stupid ppl even dont know it is indiatimes service .... i even have indiatimes mail account created using this service. - nil
  13. Ring Tones Via Sms - 1237 Services

    i have downloaded ringtone for GTRAN .... but it is not free for DAPO ... - nil
  14. Gmail On Wap

    http://www.netmirchi.com/gmail which open source project?? .... post or PM me the link. - nil