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  1. Superb Effort !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. How To Unlock Blackberry Storm?

    ^^^^^ will check. Thanks a ton if it doesn't work out........will get back to the forum
  3. How To Unlock Blackberry Storm?

    ^^^^^ Its Blackberry 9500 It doesn't have a CDMA module at all http://www.gsmarena.com/blackberry_storm_9500-2534.php
  4. Please Help I have a Blackberry Storm locked to the UK Vodafone network, I want to unlock it and use it here in India Any information is welcome
  5. Etisalat showing up at nights in mumbai. i can see it as i am posting this.... hope it launches soon, more the merrier as far as competition goes......
  6. Forum Members Attention - Please post about Reliance!

    Reliable Indian Mobileweb.in or something similar to this might do the job
  7. Unlimited Net-connect On 1x For 600/-

    me interested too
  8. @Kumaar Shah, Vinayak Thanks for the appreciation, I wrote this all thanks to this wonderful and great forum, I would not have taken the trouble write such a long post had it not been for this forum and its members. @Vinayak again if u are able to call all those operator codes from ur TATA, it means that all of them have managed to sign agreements with TATA so as to enable their FREE call numbers to work on TATAs network
  9. How does FREE/LOCAL call numbers work: All leading telecom operators in India offer FREE call(1800 + 6/7 digits) and LOCAL call numbers(1860 + 6/7 digits) In India the operators who offer these services are 1. BSNL 2. MTNL 3. TATA 4. RELIANCE 5. AIRTEL 6. IDEA For these numbers to work the telecom providers have to sign accessibility agreements with other telecom providers in India. Once that is done then the FREE number offered by a particular telecom provider will be accessible from 1.his own network and 2. the telecom providers he has managed to sign agreements with. For Example: 1. BSNL signs agreement with AIRTEL, RELIANCE AND TATA, but does not manage an agreement with IDEA 2. BSNL offers a FREE/LOCAL call number to a company "AA". Then that particular number can be accessed by subscribers of BSNL, AIRTEL, RELIANCE and TATA, but not IDEA How does the numbering work The format of the FREE/LOCAL calls is as explained 1800 XX YYYY(FREE CALL 6 DIGITS) 1800 XXX YYYY(FREE CALL 7 DIGITS) 1860 XX YYYY(LOCAL CALL 6 DIGITS) 1860 XXX YYYY(LOCAL CALL 7 DIGITS) WHERE 'XX or XXX' IS THE CODE OF THE OPERATOR OFFERING THAT PARTICULAR NUMBER AND 'YYYY' IS THE CODE OF THE COMPANY THATS BEEN ALLOTED THE NUMBER For Example: 1800 180 1290 is the FREE call number for SBI credit cards where 1800 implies that its free from whichever phone you are able to connect to it 180('XXX') is BSNLs code who has offered the number to SBI credit cards and 1290('YYYY') is SBI credit cards alloted number Some additional info-----------though to the best of my knowledge this is an exhaustive list, but im not very sure that the list is a 100% complete Im listing down a the operator codes of the Telecom providers, which means that those particular 1800/1860 numbers will surely be accessible from their respective networks if not from others 1. BSNL 180, 33, 44, 425 (Has signed agreement with all operators) 2. MTNL 22. 11 (Has signed agreements with almost all operators) 3. TATA 209 (Has signed agreements with BSNL, MTNL) 4.RELIANCE 300 (Has signed agreements with BSNL) 5. AIRTEL 100, 101 (Has signed agreements with BSNL) 6. IDEA 270 (Is yet to sign anything concrete) My knowledge is limited to just these Telecom providers, i dont know of any other Telecom provider who offers FREE/LOCAL call numbers hope this will help a bit
  10. ^^^ 1860 numbers are chargeable numbers(local rates) they are chargeable from any and all phones
  11. Reliance Closing Customer Experience Programme?

    yes its closed in mumbai the new offer is that u need to FRC with 147, u get lifetime validity and Rs.5/day for 120 days
  12. India Mobile Operator Codes

    just one more option http://mobilecodes.blogspot.com/
  13. just back from sion webworld, where they informed me that the CEP is coming to a close on saturday (no free TT from saturday onwards) can any 1 else also confirm this
  14. ME too, we might create history and a guinness record!!!!!!
  15. Reliance Gsm Roll Out?

    whats the latest on the launch of reliance and idea's networks in mumbai? any1 any Idea?