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  1. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    Have you also considered FWP users, who currently have STD code and local phone number?
  2. CDMA REV B handsets?

    In which circle, Rev B can be used on SIM ? Unlocked EvDO Rev B dongles are available in the market.
  3. CDMA REV B handsets?

    If I get a new CDMA sim, can I use it to connect to Rev.B (if phone and local network support Rev. B ) ? Do I need to ask for a specific type of SIM? Is there a possibility that connection will be limited to Rev.A (even if phone and local network support Rev. B ) ? I am in Gurgaon. Looking for other users.
  4. Hi friends, I have a Reliance net connect broadband+ dongle(Huawei EC159). My family member stopped using it after billing dispute with reliance. Can I take a new connection(new Sim) and start using this dongle? Does dongles have a Sim card slot or does it need some special activation steps to be done? I see that there are Unlimited prepaid plans being offered. Thanks.
  5. Classic 2258 Fwp

    Friends, who are using Classic 2258 FWP phone for years, please provide your feedback. I want to replace LG LSP 350. I am looking for a phone with - Good speaker and microphone for hands free - Good signals - Internet connectivity - Call conference Please advice.
  6. SMS from RM-Web18

    Receiving unwanted sms from RM WEB18. How to deactivate? Is this a paid service?
  7. I wonder. It may be possible to use number portability service(once available in future) to port a number from BSNL landline to any other mobile network. Please comment.
  8. Hi friends, I need a phone number starting from 8452-7xxxxx. I found out that 8452 is std code of Medak district in Andhra Pradesh. Can someone please help me in registering such number? Which is the operator with this series? Thanks.
  9. Are Plan Changes Limited?

    Yes, I understand the risks. I need a Reliance mobile to get incoming calls from other Reliance numbers in the family and I want to avoid Reliance CDMA. I confirmed about plan changes from web world. They said plan changes are possible only after staying at least 3 months in a particular plan. Thanks.
  10. Are Plan Changes Limited?

    Hello friends, I am going to take a new connection for R-GSM. Initially I am going to take a plan which I think is suitable. But I may need to switch to a new plan in future due to change in needs. Please tell me if Reliance has some restrictions in plan changes. Do I need to wait for few months before the change? Thanks.
  11. Gsm Numbering Plan

    Sorry for a new post, but I got my reply at following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_telephone_numbering_in_India
  12. Gsm Numbering Plan

    Hello friends, I wonder if I can get the series of numbers available with reliance gsm. Please tell first few digits of your gsm number alongwith your circle. Thanks.
  13. Replace Battery Or Buy New Phone

    Thank you friends for your suggestions I am going to check new phones in the market first. Thanks.
  14. Replace Battery Or Buy New Phone

    Hello friends, I have an 2 year old LG cell phone. I brought it with offer of free incoming facility of 3 years. It is being used for last 2 years. But now its battery doesn't last for more than a day and this is very problematic. Please tell me if I purchase a new battery, then will this 2 year old phone will work as new? It does not have any other problem except the battery backup. What I am doubtful about is the life time of these "less costly" LG phones. Or should I buy a new set? Thanks in advance.
  15. Lg Rd 6600 !

    hello friends, I am going to buy new cdma phone. After exploring the forum and other sources, I narrowed down my search for Samsung MAX and LG 6600. Now please suggest me which one will be better. I want to choose a phone which has better battery backup, signal reception and reliable in service. Thanks in advance.