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  1. pl see the larger picture . when someone has to call within same state to another city one has to use std to call rim no. Had it been 10 digit no one could have call from pco itself.
  2. Even I have enquired 2-3 times . the standard answer is nothing has changed for dapo users , and they wont say rates are different for gsm and cdma mobiles. I hope things will change when new 10 digit numbering plan comes into force , only then some authority can see thu' things. Moreover as desired by TRAI the number of plans are to come down to 3 or 4 for all mobole operators. I fear someday reliance may discontinue service to existing DAPO users.
  3. chirag has rightly pointed out . if u remember earlier TRAI has forced rel to consider all cdma mobiles at par . now should one make representations to TRAI? ARUNK
  4. Just yesterday i got this note with rimbill stating the rates for mobile and landline for scheme 149 & 249. That means now reliance is not making any difference betwn GSM & CDMA mobiles. That is why they have clubbed both into one category. So are there similar changes for DAPO users?
  5. i have my rim in gujarat. and suppose i go to delhi my rim no in delhi wont change like it used to be earlier . now what if some person has to call me from delhi, will he have to call the gujarat no.? what wil be charges if some body calls from my home state ? i m dapo user.
  6. I don't know why but nobody seems to be touching this topic as if it is HOT PATATO
  7. Has anybody resorted to legal recourse to settle things with relianceinfo regarding deficiency of service or inflated bills or going back on promises ? And what precautions one has to take before taking the matter legal ? Are there any bodies like TRAI where one can lodge complain before all this happens ? arunk
  8. thanks for these enlightening replies but i have a different point of view. TRAI has already forced them to implement calls from rim to other operators' cdma mobiles to be treated at par. so why not now under unified licence? Moreover for dapo users it is 400 min. of outgoing units that is free and not any monetary amount like 140 rupees. Another point -considering the decline in call charges in last 2-3 years ,40 p/min may look low but eventually they may have to agree to this.
  9. Under unified licence regime, TRAI does not make any distinction btwn CDMA or GSM technology. Presently calls from rim to any cdma mobile are being treated at par ,so u have to pay only 40 p/min within 400 mins if u r making std call to another rim no. or to tataindi com or that of bsnl cdma mobile . But after new regime comes into force all outgoing std calls to any mobile should be treated at par as was the case previously with cdma mobiles. CORRECT ME IF I M WRONG.
  10. I invite comments & suggestions on unused minutes for dapo users which i feel many of us might be feeling. I have some ideas. Use it to extract info from other cities say about travel related queries. or use it as a chatting medium if some platform is available to regulate things.
  11. It takes too long to search a rim no. of other cities in r-world.Can anyone tell me is it available on net or is there some easy way to find.