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  1. Will Verizon Moto Droid Turbo (XT1254) support Rcom 4G or RJIO VoLTE ?
  2. Yeah, you start enforcing annual fee, people start to migrate to Telegram. As Simple as that!
  3. what about the pricing part?
  4. great.. it says "Mobile Number Portability" means the facility which allows a subscriber of a mobile telephone service to retain his mobile telephone number when he moves from one mobile telephone service provider to another irrespective of the mobile technology or from one mobile technology to another of the same mobile telephone service provider, within such limits as may be permitted by the licensor" which means CDMA->GSM and vice versa is allowed
  5. do u know such dealer/ distibutor from nagpur?? No, do you? hey nagpur da munda. is it you from TE ? i am looking for this handset too for my son's usage/ have you got it ? how is it ? nope I didnt buy it... yes NagpurDaMunda is same everywhere, be it TE, be it Rimweb ..
  6. LG can never think over 30 SMS inbox capacity ....... and that is why LG ****s big deal
  7. do u know such dealer/ distibutor from nagpur?? No, do you?
  8. Thanks Mr. Choombak for your reviews... you are are tempting me to buy this one.. Does anyone knows about the current price of this handset? If yes please post it here, it would really be helpful
  9. 1001. Congratulations Palm Community @ RimWeb .. Thread just crossed 1000 posts ......
  10. DJ KOOL ....where r u these days?
  11. My dear friend, then either you can go as per Dr. Mufaddal's advice or else you can also wait for Reliance GSM services to start. As GSM handsets are available in variety and according to budget. MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is already on the way. And soon we can shift our Reliance CDMA numbers to Reliance GSM. Regards. Yeah thanks .. it was completely out of my mind , but i think it will still take another year or so .. for MNP to be available all over...
  12. Kamal Bhai , I dont need a dual phone , I just need a good phone to run my CDMA RUIM thats it ...
  13. okay but how ll i check IMEI number ? i mean i ll buy it online so how?? anyways i think i shd wait for few more months , collect more money and buy treo from sadik ... what do u reckon?