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  1. Will Verizon Moto Droid Turbo (XT1254) support Rcom 4G or RJIO VoLTE ?
  2. Yeah, you start enforcing annual fee, people start to migrate to Telegram. As Simple as that!
  3. So does that mean its a "GAME OVER" for usage of imported CDMA phones on Reliance?
  4. I recharged with Rs.200 couple of days backs, I got only Rs.200 and not Rs.222
  5. what about the pricing part?
  6. then what ll happen to these plans? Who ll use these phones? All ll make a shift to mobile phones...
  7. how do you check sms pack balance?
  8. how do you check sms count?
  9. didnt work for me, I wasted lot of money behind it... It got subscribed but they are charging me 1 Re per SMS, so useless for me..
  10. great.. it says "Mobile Number Portability" means the facility which allows a subscriber of a mobile telephone service to retain his mobile telephone number when he moves from one mobile telephone service provider to another irrespective of the mobile technology or from one mobile technology to another of the same mobile telephone service provider, within such limits as may be permitted by the licensor" which means CDMA->GSM and vice versa is allowed
  11. do u know such dealer/ distibutor from nagpur?? No, do you? hey nagpur da munda. is it you from TE ? i am looking for this handset too for my son's usage/ have you got it ? how is it ? nope I didnt buy it... yes NagpurDaMunda is same everywhere, be it TE, be it Rimweb ..