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  1. You can use it for data exclusively. But a telephone number will be issued for the card to connect to the system
  2. Hello Everyone!

    Me also support a thread for discussing S60 handsets and programs to try on the simbian series. Currently I have a 6630. All this talk of N95, great stuff, keep it up. Must check out E90!
  3. Wish it comes into existence soon
  4. Error 678, What To Do

    Call customer care. The day before, I too was getting error 670. Called cc and then it began to work again.
  5. Reliance Gsm Roll Out?

    Yup, the ministry of defence is yet to vacate spectrum and so the delay
  6. Free Or Cheap Std ?

    Seems interesting. Maybe one day, other telcos will also start it. Airtel in 399 rental has A2A STD at 50 paisa per minute and to others at 1 rupee
  7. Virtual Global Conference Network

    Yes, like the budget, a grand statement but few benefits for the man in the street
  8. Suggest Domain Names For My Trading Site.

    How about: MustBuy.com MastBuy.com GoodBuy.com
  9. Hutch gone, Anil dusts up GSM plan Feb 18, 2007 Evaluation of bids for 75m 2G and 25m 3G lines will begin soon NEW DELHI: Reliance Communications (RCom) has put the process for expanding its GSM (global systems for mobile communications) services back on the frontburner. The company had halted the process some time back, waiting for the outcome of the Hutchison Essar stake bidding war. Telecom equipment vendors, including Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei and ZTE, are believed to have already responded to the Reliance GSM tender for a total of 75 million 2G lines and 25 million 3G lines. The value of the tender is estimated in the range of $6 billion to $7 billion. Chinese vendor ZTE is already in an agreement with Vodafone to supply ‘budget’ handsets across Vodafone markets, including in India. “RCom is about to start evaluation of the offers for its GSM tender,” an industry source said. Technical aspects of the bids will be evaluated first. But an industry analyst said RCom may not be able to proceed with the GSM expansion process unless there’s adequate spectrum allocation. Indications that a group of ministers (GoM) set up to look into vacation of defence spectrum for use in telecom may have a meeting soon to deliberate on the matter. The GoM is headed by external affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee, who was earlier the defence minister. Currently, Reliance Communications has over 27 million CDMA users across all the 23 circles in India, while group firm Reliance Telecom has 3.8 million GSM subscribers. Market leader Bharti has 33.7 million mobile subscribers and Hutchison Essar 24.35 million. Vodafone, which has bought control in Hutchison Essar, said it is targeting a 20-25% market share, or 125 million users, in the next four to five years. The total GSM base in the country is currently 110.5 million, and CDMA 45.8 million (including fixed wireless). While the total telecom base (fixed and mobile) in the country was over 196 million as of January 31, 2007, it’s expected to cross 200 million by the end of this month.
  10. RComm to invest $2.5 bn Feb 13, 2007 Having lost the battle for Hutchison Essar, Anil Ambani-controlled Reliance Communications is drawing up plans to invest up to $2.5 billion (Rs 112.5 billion) in its Code Division Multiple Access as well as Global System for Mobile Communication networks. Ambani had recently outlined this plan at an earnings call for global investors, just days before Vodafone bagged Hutchison Essar on February 11. Reliance Communications was counting on this acquisition to expand its GSM footprint in the country, as it shells out a royalty on its CDMA operations to Qualcomm. Analysts expect Reliance Communications to roll out a pan-India GSM network, as it has said it intends to do, for between Rs 9,500 crore (Rs 95 billion) and Rs 11,000 crore (Rs 110 billion). The investment would compare favourably with the estimated $4 billion that has been invested by Bharti Airtel and Hutch in their entire wireless business till date. Reliance Communications, analysts said, could also look at acquiring a domestic GSM operator. Ambani has already outlined its plan to roll out 20,000 towers, locating CDMA as well GSM antenna on the same tower. The company is also looking at additional tower capacity through co-location agreements with all major operators. The goal is to have signal available in any city with a population of 50,000 and more, taking the total number of towns covered from 2,200 now to nearly 4,000 by June.
  11. Death Of Sch-n191: An Epidemic

    Along with voice I also need NetConnect. Buying a new handset would have meant shelling a lot more money. Financially, things are going to be a little tight in the next few months. So decided to revive this phone.
  12. Death Of Sch-n191: An Epidemic

    Finally got mine on Tuesday, and the new motherboard is holding on well so far.
  13. Death Of Sch-n191: An Epidemic

    Finally, yesterday night my pone, too died while my family members were talking. The bugger wouldn't boot, and there was the constant green light. Went to the Samsun service center and told them to replace the motherboard for which the cost is Rs.2000. They said the phone will be available on Monday. So it is indeed an epidemic.
  14. Netconnect On Lg Rd 2030

    I had called up cc about it, and he walked me through options in the phone and modem option in the control panel. While there I noticed that it was showing 3 Samsung CDMA phones (from a previous installation I guess). Only 1 was showing as active. At any rate I deleted all 3 modems and did a fresh installation of the drivers, and now it works perfectly. Thanks!
  15. Netconnect On Lg Rd 2030

    Yesterday, I was in a big mess. BSNL broadband was down for most of the day, so was Netone. Trying to get RConnect to function, it gave me a error 692, stating there was some hardware failure. The samsung CDMA modem is present in the choice of modems to be used. When I connect the N191 to the USB cable, it makes the usual sound, too. But on dialing #777, it says 692 hardware failure. I am on the default pay-as-you-use plan. Any solutions anybody?