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  1. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    Bought Sound Peats from Amazon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Samsung PC studio software is failure for CDMA phones. Even I have faced the same problem, after number of phone calls to samsung customer care and even once I took my laptop to service center the problem has not been solved by them.
  3. The above tariff is applicable only for monthly rate cutter Rs 51.
  4. Mpower Muzik New Cdma Samsung Mobile

    can someone explain settings to synchronize this phone with PC studio ? I have tried lot of times and message shows error
  5. Brain Teasers

    "02 03 10 12 13" wrong As I told u answer is wrong. Clue is that the number is a three digit Number. As No Answers for this Question after Giving the first Clue. Now the Second Clue 'T' Please Make attempts My guess 102 103 110 112 113
  6. Tata Docomo Launched

    Both Savramesh & Vvinayakpai have ignored the amount spent on rate cutter. Least rate cutter is Rs 21 for 3 months by RGSM .And how it can be divided for calls ?
  7. I have activated this week. Unlimited means only for browsing in handset and downloading will be charged as per plan for Tamilnadu.
  8. Sms Caster V 3.6

    Password please ?
  9. The cc said the download will be charged 10p/10kb . why is the word unlimited used?
  10. I am having a airtel data card ( PCMCIA slot )is it possible to answer call and make call ?
  11. New Jaadu 21 Introduced

    Mention the state ?
  12. Rimweb Cug

    The following is the least plan provided by Reliance for corporate employees. Since sales persons have misused and provided to non-corporate employees they stopped the plan. Monthly Rental Rs 50 Calls to mobile Rs 0.30 paise Calls to Landline Rs 0.60 paise Incoming and outgoing Roaming Rs 1/Min 200 local sms free per month. will this plan be provided ?
  13. Switzerland Roaming

    To my experience by a prepaid card in the country and use. You need internet connection for Skype and VOIP , definetly the charges for net connection is higher.
  14. Using Bluetooth Handsfree For 2 Phones

    Dear Pasumark, Can you please give address of shop selling i-tech. I am ready to purchase