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  1. Which Other Forumz Do U Visit?

    do u think i am alive after spending 24x7 on my puter ? lol bas ek WOHI to post karna hai and one of the forums posted above.... snipped have lots of content which is against forum rules
  2. Which Other Forumz Do U Visit?

    @visahl.... can i post one ?

    happy b'day chirag .. wish u a bright future
  4. RIMweb 3rd Anniversary Contest

    congratulations to all the winners.
  5. RIMweb 3rd Anniversary Meet !

    Arun paid the bill ? .... u should have told me in advance that he is goinna pay, i missed it just bcz the 1st post in this thread stated that i'll need to pay from my pocket for my food .... Waiting for the meet review.

    darling , i wished u in personal already.. but yet again... a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY mate..and dont forget my certificate n gifts which u promised to send at ur birthday
  7. RIMweb 3rd Anniversary Contest

    party time man.... advance wala HAPPY BIRTHDAY........
  8. RIMweb 3rd Anniversary Contest

    oiiiii..... when is ur b'day? where's the party man? and good luck to everyone

    Happy Birthday Jayant! hv a gr8 Blast!!! GOD Bless U....... Happy Birthday to other members also... Thanks bro for the wishes. Had a great nite last nite. Thanks honest for ur b'day wishes.
  10. R-connect Adventures

    No doubt Rconnect is good, But the problem at the service. I was seriousll planning to change my ISP just because of thebitter experiences i had with Rconnect this past month. The actual download speed was around 0.2-0.3kbps. i was forced to refresh every page atleast 6-7 times to view it. This continues for 16 days inthe past month. And there was no one to help me out untill i sent emails to chairman's office. So my point is that Rconnect is a good service in itself. But when it comes to customer care and after sales service.......thats the part needed to be improved.
  11. How To Know The No?

    my Dear SPDF....... i know u cant use that sim to call to CC... but am sure u can use someone's number to do so. and also u can use ur land line to call CC if that SIM is really important to u
  12. How To Know The No?

    Every sim card has a numer(i dont mean the mobile number but the SIM number) . its printed on the sim itself. Call Airtel customer care tell them ur sim card number and they will give u ur mobile number. Thats it
  13. Who Send This Pm

    Well u cant do nething about that rajan...admins n mods can and am sure they are already trying to find out who did it..... the best thing u can do is.... forget it n keep posting.. bcz u did the best part...i mean u let everyone knwo about that PM..... and leave the rest on monds n admins.....i dont think u will ever know who sent that... but u posting it here will(i guess so) help all al the others n they wont get that kinda PM's
  14. Very Strange R Connect Problem

    The speed between 6PM n 9pm still suks but its better neways.