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  1. OnePlus invites

    I got an invite for One Plus 2, expires by tomorrow evening. Please PM me if interested
  2. OnePlus invites

    Shared the invitation in the mail. Please check.
  3. OnePlus invites

    I have 2 oneplus India invites valid for 48 hours. Please PM me if interested.
  4. OnePlus invites

    I have one international invite. Interested PM me
  5. OnePlus invites

    Send the PM. Please reply.
  6. BSNL Provide EVDO In SIM

    No there is no "OMH" Logo (Diamond) on the RUIM but still able to get the EVDO signal.
  7. BSNL Provide EVDO In SIM

    I got the BSNL CDMA RUIM from Salem, Tamilnadu by paying Rs.39. When I had inserted the RUIM in my Samsung Corby Speed it is showing the 1x signal bar along with the evdo signal bar, but when I try to connect it through my laptop the dialer reply is "Modem is not responding". Also I am able to make voice calls from the mobile. Any Rimwebians / EVDO gurus please help me in this.
  8. If it is also for RCDMA again NUC charges will be applicable or not?
  9. New Scam Please Read!

    Thanks for the info
  10. 3G auctions end, Government to get nearly Rs 70,000 crore NDTV Correspondent & Agencies, 19 May, 2010 The Department of Telecommunications said that the 3G auctions ended on Wednesday but the names of the winners were not announced yet. Today was the thirty-fourth day of the bidding. The government is assured of getting nearly Rs 70,000 crore from this auction, sources said. The government’s revenues from the 3G spectrum are much higher than its original estimates and even surpassed its revised estimates by a hefty amount. The government had budgeted revenues of Rs 35,000 crore from sale of air waves for 3G and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) put together. The auction for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) spectrum would begin soon after the 3G auction is over.
  11. Mobile Internet NUC?

    There is no NUC charges for netconnect. In the case of Samsung Corby Speed handset when we opt for 10 GB plan which is free for first two months, the data usage is free when connected to PC or Laptop, but when we use the mobile internet / Mobile TV it is being charged based on the RWorld usage. I will also write to the Nodal officer and customer care to overcome these type of hidden charges. Also others friends in Rimweb can do this. Thanks Avijeet for the initiation.
  12. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    Can anyone confirm the usage charges for Mobile TV in Corby. Customer care repeatedly says they are not aware about this. :confuse:
  13. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    It is better to upgrade firmware from the Samsung store which happens in 10 minutes.
  14. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    As a samsung corby Speed user I was successfully able to connect to EVDO through Ubuntu. I am sharing installation details of modem which may be useful for some. http://iyappan.wordpress.com/2010/04/22/how-to-install-and-configure-reliance-mobile-broadband-with-samsung-corby-speed-sch-f339-%E2%80%93-on-debian-gnulinux-etch-or%C2%A0ubuntu/
  15. Bsnl Evdo Tariff Increase

    The rental was increased but on November 7 the rate hike was withdrawn due to the pressure from the old users.