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  1. But are You able to make or receive calls through it ??
  2. any option to use jio4gvoice app on ipad air 2 ?? installed app but not working,,,
  3. Reliance CDMA network has been shut down in whole punjab... since 17-may-2016 00:00 am network has vanished from all CDMA handsets including FWP's This is really a big stupidity of reliance specially for those who were using FWP for their commercial use like shop/office landline numbers... Everyone is crying.... cdma mobile to fir bhi port ho jayega what about FWP ??? No information at any store is being provided... Nor even 4g sim , they have no knowledge about 4g sim swap from old cdma numbers....
  4. This is shocking news... what about High end cdma handsets ?? what about special CDMA plans like Dzero and First Priority What About The Good Network ??? due to which only people loved CDMA !!! I hope Hetal Ji is right... reliance people misguiding to port to reliance gsm for getting new connections...
  5. Thanks bro for the code...
  6. Me too looking for Oneplus Two Invite Please help
  7. Does recharge of 94/- on tata docomo cdma which gives 5 gb data still works for gujrat sim ? Anyone can verify ? I have one gujrat tata sim but now from past January I am unable to recharge it with 94. But 95 works on it with 1 gb usage..
  8. I have finally Planned to Buy this latest model of Videocon with 1000 GB Capacity to record
  9. thanks Guys for your suggestion :) I have decided finally to go for Videocon D2H DVR
  10. Dear Friends, I seek your Kind Suggestions Please.... I am Planning to Buy a DTH Connection but Bit confused Between these 2 : 1. Videocon D2h HD Video Recorder OR 2. Tatasky HD Plus My Requirements : 1. DTH should serve best quality and More HD channels... 2. Reception and Quick Performance Quality of Set-top Box should be good enough , Currently I have Reliance HDR which I am not satisfied with Many times its response is very slow.. 3. Cost Effective Package. 4. Recording Options (Like Via sms or Via Online Login) 5. More Recording Space 6. To Be Used with FULL HD Plasma TV 50" 7. Should work in normal Rainy Season also 8. 3D Ready 9. New Timely Offers... 10. Main Point is Quality of Response of channel change should be quick and should serve some Cool Extra Ordinary Features 11. Cost of DTH Box does not matter... I hope I will be getting a satisfactory Information so that I can decide to go for the best DTH... Regards Vikas Mahajan
  11. Error : Can't add call Kisi ne sach kaha hai ke har mobile mein har feature nahi hota...
  12. Dear Friends , Can You please Guide How to make a 3 way conference Call on Samsung Note 2 U.S. Cellular ??? I am unable to do that... It has got merge button but when I press that calls are not merged :( Please Help...
  13. I have Just Done Practical.... Using Note 2 CDMA with LTE Sim Inside and On 1x No EVDO... I started using internet on mobile and ask my brother to call... As soon as he called me up... My Network sending/receiving stopped and I got Call , So This Means as soon as someone calls up , system from backend stops 1x data for a while and connects the call... I think I Have LTE sim installed thats why Its like that... becoz My brother is using LG Viper which has no LTE sim / no sim slot when I tried it vice vera His Number was engaged at that moment while he was on 1x.. Thats Good
  14. the best solution is to buy an new prepaid sim and use internet in it
  15. Is This Recharge for free Roaming still working ???? And if Yes then for which circle ???