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  4. i have been using Mobile Office (on my phone) on and off for the past 2 yrs using one of the two schemes - @ Rs 20/day or @Rs 70/week. (pre-paid; in Tamilnadu) Earlier this month, sms msgs came from Airtel saying that this unlimited plan would be stopped and hereafter charges would apply per kb usage. And currently they are charging @ 0.30P / 50 KB - no unlimited (Rs 25 / day) plans now The newer rents are actually much more costlier if you frequently access the web / download stuff on your mobile.
  5. Tata Introduces Photon

    The initial downpayment was 3500... The speeds are not this high *constantly* - it was one of the better times when i took the screenshot. But roughly we can d/l 3+ GB per day. minimum. Btw, Looks like Tata doesn't yet have permission to run this HSIA service in the metros, only in the suburbs apparently.
  6. Tata Introduces Photon

    Hi... its been a while since i've been here, good to see you all again I've been using this Photon HSIA service for about a month now and its been pretty decent so far I took the unlimited plan for Rs 1500 pm and it's been some heavy-duty downloading Only surprise is that although the speeds sound like 3G / EVDO, neither Tata Indicom nor the equipment manufacturer - ZTE (China) claim that it's 3G .... so im still not sure if its really 3G / EVDO. Whatever the system, its been satisfying.
  7. April Fool Hoaxes

    Did you notice the yogurt on orkut today? Remember the tISP from Google last year ? ----> Rimweb thread on tisp Check out this year's april fool hoaxes from Google -----> This Year's pranks The best one was Virgle - Google project to mars and Google australia's "Tommorows web, Today" Keep browsing
  8. mmjain: Thank you... Keep informing us more, as you find out more
  9. -- Bump -- Thought it's worth bumpin this post .... So, what internet cnxn are YOU using ?
  10. How do you connect to the net ? what company, how much costs / mothly limits etc? I tried searching earlier discusions, coudnt really find the approp thread... only casual mentions in random posts. -- Im currently using Tata VSNL broadband - 256 kbps - unlimited - Rs. 1130/month (w tax)
  11. +1 -- Nowadays i have been using this Cyberhawk - light-weight and very effective but not sure whether to call it Anti-spyware or anti-virus
  12. Hi all I jus happened to come acrross this great site which lets us type in indian languages. We type the words in english and it will automatically Transliterate it into local language fonts.... Then we can just copy-paste it anywhere Very very handy.... try it out The site is http://quillpad.in -- edit- "Transliteration" works like this - we type "kya kar rahe hain aap?" in english and it will give us क्या कर रहे हैं आप? in hindi or we type eppadi irukkeenga? i english and it will give us எப்படி இருக்கீங்க? in tamil -- edit 2 - the site works better in IE than in FF Kep browsing .... AND PLS POST A WORD OF REPLY HERE IF YOU FIND IT USEFULL....
  13. Now Recharge Wirelessly

    Very Interesting I wonder how much 'powerful' electricity can be sent wirelesly like this ? like can we run a... say, a heavy-wattage driller thro this ? Im gonna google for more on this one... thanx for the info -- say, you think people can walk across/through such a 'field' w/o gettin electrecuted ?
  14. Dvd At Door Step In Only Rs 6

    Very interesting indeed Whats the company's view on the possibility of customers making their own copies of the movies they rent ? Most ppl with a pc have learnt to rip dvds nowadays... Does the company have some VERY special data protection methods for their discs ? (i doubt very much) - waiting for moviemart to start business in other cities too
  15. DID YOU KNOW: Windows VISTA Facts & Goof-ups

    The 'Calculating Time remaining' is a complete waste of time. Get rid of it! Here's the micsof link to vote Windows Help Newsgroups - psst... we need a da8n mzft account to be able to vote