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  1. Cloud based data services need to be accesed while on wi-fi or you'll probably get your wallet ripped apart
  2. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    ^^^ Drastic battery issues, Chirag? Care to explain the problem? Sent from my Samsung Epicâ„¢ 4G using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    Guys who've got the OTA notification, and have been postponing it, I would suggest you download it, even if you dont install it, because, just like DL, I kept postponing the download, and yesterday, while I was asleep, my phone automatically downloaded the 82MB file over EVDO Nervous what my phone bill is going to look like, next month On another note.. other than the non stop reboot problem I had after I did the OTA update to GinB, and which I sorted out by pressing Volume Down+Camera+ Power and doing a factory reset ( lost all my installed apps, but I had them on My Backup Pro, so no damage done), the phone seems to be working perfectly fine. No GPS/ battery or any other issues so far. I'm happy
  4. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    @#$%^! Sprint! I had to do a factory reset to fix that problem! >:-\
  5. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    I did the OTA update to Gingerbread for my phone which was running the stock Sprint ROM. After the update installed, the phone keeps rebooting at the start up screen What do I do?
  6. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    Thank you, Chirag. Let me try it now Will update the outcome tomorrow
  7. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    Anybody having issues with Gingerbread update on Stock ROM? I have the OTA downloaded but sitting back on it, waiting for input
  8. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    Thanks for the info, Hetal bhai. @Arun: I would suggest making this a sticky. Very important info.
  9. Thanks, Rajan. I think you've just found me a life saver
  10. Thank you very much, Rajan. Seems like I'm onto a life saver w with that Motorola option
  11. Guys.. this chap is paranoid of an open market ( imported) handset going dead and since it is not under warranty he is scared that he will have to go back and get a UIM card activated once again to use on a local handset till the time he can get his non - sim card based handset fixed. His argument does hold a valid point, in the fact that IF our imported handsets ever conk out, then if we need to keep our number and calls active while we try and repair the handset, we would need unlink the MDN from the imported handset and then apply for a UIM card from the service provider, right??
  12. ^^^ Thanks Rajan, . I did look up the Samsung POP.. pretty crappy handset, if you ask me. Underpowered, lousy camera and even lousier battery life.
  13. I've been put in a quandary by my best friend who is adamant on getting himself a new CDMA handset for his MTS connection, but the all important criterion was that it should be a handset that uses his current UIM card. I know we have endless choices for non UIM based imported handsets like the Epic, Fascinate, etc. But could somebody suggest an imported or Indian handset that has a UIM card slot in the Rs. 10 - 15k budget??
  14. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    It has been approximately 18 hours since I upgraded to stock EC05. Data connectivity is based on MDN. So far I have not had a single radio reset issue since installation yesterday. GPS lock outdoors, was in under a minute, with accuracy at less than 3 feet, which is just awesome. on DI18 I never used to get accuracy anywhere below 20 feet. All softwares I was previously using on DI18 have also been re-installed and are working flawlessly. I have to give special mention about battery life, since the new upgrade. My battery was fully charged at 7 am. Since then till now ( over 3 hours) I have been on Wi-fi and have made about 5-6 calls, and email checking, etc.. the battery has not even dropped by 1% Edit: Ok battery life is not as great as I thought.. there wasa glitch in my battery notification.. its actually dropped 7 % in 3 hours, but its still way better than my previous experience of battery life on Eclair
  15. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    Tapatalk is working perfectly well on stock EC05 as you can see from this post, Chirag. Sent from my Samsung Epic 4G using Tapatalk.