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  1. Being Cheated By Icici Bank Credit Card...

    Hi...this is quite unfortunate but my suggestion would be to pay-up now and close this. I had similar experience with ICICI and in spite of my repeated requests for nearly 14 months, they kept on piling late fee and interests (with no explanation on calculations) and I ended up paying up 19500 for a transaction of 4500 which I never incurred. And they have centralised database where they can anytime deduct money from your saving account (if your phone number or address is same). Their customer care is absolutely non-chalant and they would never compromise. They will start sending you notices and calls from courts that now they are initiating arrest warrant proceedings and finally you will have to go in person to their settlement department where they will ask you to pay up with some minor negotiation. You might want to approach consumer forum etc but am not sure how helpful they will prove. In fact, I would want to inform on one more precaution for future. Never subscribe to INDIA TODAY club via your credit card as they keep on renewing it on the single one-time signed chit. There is no way that they would refund money to the credit card bank. The only resort left with the poor subscriber is to discontinue with the credit card altogether.
  2. Hi Amit, I use ICICI netbanking to recharge my LIFETIME PREPAID with Rs. 100 topup every now and then. Can I use the netbanking facility of ICICI to recharge for Rs. 59 and then recharge for Rs 140 with a gap of, say 2 hrs, to avail better calling rates as mentioned by you as above? Or do I have to buy "PHYSICAL CARDS/ VOUCHERS" from WW? Or is it via e-recharge thru Webworld? Pl advise...thanks
  3. USB Cable drivers are not available anywhere except the ones that you get in the CD that comes with the box. If you are using a geniune LG USB cable, then Auth Service Centre of LG MObile phones in your city can still give you the driver. If you are using a duplicate cable of Rs. 150 to Rs. 250, then it's better to throw this cable and buy another duplicate cable and use the New CD for New cable. R Connect software is abvailable for free on reliancecommunications.co.in...go to a cyber cafe and get the same in a CD. All the best !!!
  4. Reliancce Netconnect

    Refer your first post....Nokia PC Suite shall not be able to help you to connect to interne as it is meant only for GSM phones and not CDMA. Now, you goto "Add New Connection" wizard and create a new Dial-up connection like we used to do in our old times of 28.6kbps modems. Type #777 in the number to be dialled...give your cell no as 93XXXXXXXXXX as username as well as password (do not prefix with ZERO). And get going to connect to internet via your 6275. I hope you are using the correct DATA CABLE for interfacing...All the best !!!
  5. Serial Port Connection For Bluetooth Dongle..

    1) Have you switched on bluetooth on your phone? 2) Have you "Searched" from your PC for "Avaialble bluetooth devices" after installing the dongle?
  6. "Welcome to Reliance Customer Service." CUT...pack up !!!
  7. Rconnect Software For Windows Vista

    Hi akkul, "In phones and modem option it shows Nokia modem but while connecting it does not identify." Try making a new connection by "New Connection Wizard". Put #777 as the no to be dialled. You do not need to do any settings in the phone. Hi Srini. You also make a new connection as above and get going. R Connect sowftare is not reqd.. and for both of you...pl confirm with *333 that R Connect is activated on your MDN (cellphone number)
  8. Internet On Nokia 6275i

    wow...it's amazing....do we have any other such applications that can be downloaded on this handset? world clock...messenger etc ??
  9. Rconnect Software For Windows Vista

    Nokia PC Suite is not dependant on specific models. Go to www.nokia.com/pcsuite and download the software. Install it on your Vista laptop. Connect the data cable to your phone and then to laptop. PC suite will identify your phone as Nokia 6255 (but you will not be able to connect it via "One touch Internet" utility of PC Suite). Wait, till PC Suite discovers USB Drive...modem etc in your phone. When it settles down, go to "New Connection WIzard" (the phone is still connected via data cable to laptop). Make new connection as explained earlier. The plus point is, after installing PC Suite, you can use bluetooth dongle as well...hope it helps
  10. Rconnect Software For Windows Vista

    Hi Akkul, If you have the cd for your data cable drivers, try to follow these steps- 1) Boot up your machin and when everything settles down, put the CD of data cable in cd drive. 2) Insert the data cable (do not put the phone on the other end of the data cable) 3) Windows should find "new hardware" and look for the drivers. Install the same. 4) I assume you are using a Nokia phone and once the drivers for data cable are in place; you can connect the phone at the other end. 5) Let Windows identify the phone & if that happens, the drivers for Nokia Modem will be automatically installed. 6) Go to "New Connection WIzard", create a new connection (ph no should be #777), and I guess you will be able to use the same. 7) If you are successful in setting up the modem this way but connection drops after a few seconds, then you need to use a "AT" command that I have mentioned somewhere in this forum. All the best !!
  11. Video Formats In Nok 6275

    6275 supports only 3GPP formats (H.263), H.264/AVC & MPEG-4 You might wanna use some convertor from internet to convert your current movie clips into one of the formats available as above.
  12. I-mate Unveils The Jama Pda

    Your comments are totally valid and acceptable Jayant. You have all the liberty to voice your opinion in this forum. In fact, most users finally land up using their phones only for talking and using laptops/ PCs for the rest. But, at the same time, if companies do not keep on bringing "changes" (may be plateaued), they would not get an opportunity to make "noise" (read advertising). You will find that whether it's a Car manufacturer/ 2 wheeler manufacturer/ TVs/ even chips and colas...they keep on bringing new "models" with tall (and taller) claims. Though, at the end of the day, customer restricts his usage to some of the basic features only; rest all becomes history.
  13. Even Nokia Delhi (CDMA) Service Centre is as bad (maybe bad-der). Just one ASC at Okhla is the only Service Centre for entire Delhi/ NCR. The first response is to LEAVE the handset for 20 days. LG, Samsung, Motorola are far ahead in after-sales...Agreed, Nokia products are excellent quality, but if (God forbid), there is any prblem with your handset; you are gone for a toss !!
  14. Call Alert While Online

    If you want to know who was trying to reach you when your card/ phone was hooked on R-Connect (Internet), divert your phone to another local RIM no. so that you can receive that call. That is the only solution. But, here your card will be billed for 'call forwarding'. Otherwise, while surfing, you can get an incoming alert only when your card/ phone is under dormant mode (no data is being exchanged).
  15. Mobile Tv

    I can watch India TV, AAJ TAK on my b&w RIM thru R-World. Isn't that mobile TV as well?