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  1. Thanks Sarvesh. My number is being used in a data card by a company. Trying to get that back, since it is only in a data card.
  2. I had a second number in prepaid Aircel Tamilnadu network. I had used it sparingly. For a long time, I did not use the number or top it up.And also the sim card is missing now. When I try to call this number it just has no response. Call to the number immediately gets disconnected. Now the number is dead. Previously the number was in Airtel and I ported it to Aircel. I have tried both Aircel and Airtel offices in my town and even offered them that even connection in postpaid was ok with me. But both expressed their inability. How to get the number back? Is there anyway?
  3. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    I sincerely feel that, even after April, JIO will come with new offers like Prime, because their aim is not just this 10 cr subscribers. They want to be No.1. That can be achieved only with crazy offers. So we can expect many more offers
  4. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    I personally asked all my workers, staffs and whoever people I meet, especially electricians, plumbers, No one is suffering due to this De-monetisation. In fact they are happy this has happened. The common man and poor are happy because, they feel this move will only affect rich and corrupt people. Even if there is little inconvenience, there are ready to bear it. The long queues in banks and ATM are due to people coming again and again to get currency changed for a commission. 2 of my workers have told me that corrupt people with black money have approached them and asked them to deposit Rs,2,00,000 in their accounts and get new currency. They are promising a good commission for this. On the lighter side, lot of quarrels have arised between husband and wife due to this demonetisation. Many ladies secretly have lot of money, which has now come out The real problem is for people who live in small villages, which do not have a bank. For those people in short term the smaller denominations may be hard to get, but in 50 days that problem also should get solved. Opposition is just crying crocodile tears, and I am so dissapointed with Kejriwal. I very much appreciate our PM for taking such a move (Even though this may not be the 100% best thing). It needs enormous guts to do this. His thinking is good and he is risking and taking real steps to change our country. We all should stand behind him.
  5. Please Suggest: Beautiful phone for Ladies

    I have purchased HTC M8 Gold. Thank you all guys for your valuable suggestions
  6. Please Suggest: Beautiful phone for Ladies

    Thanks for your suggestions Sunil and Dhiraj. Will surely look into them.
  7. I want to buy a GSM phone for my wife. She wants a good looking phone like the HTC Rhyme. Budget below 20,000. Please suggest.
  8. Whatsapp will remain free in India

    It can never charge in India. We are so much loyal . How will they get income?
  9. If fixed line call charges fall below mobile tariffs, people will start to use more of landline when they are in home or office. This will help reduce radition, So encouraging fixed lines is a good move
  10. Indian Politics - The Dance of Democracy

    If corruption is reduced, then we can really start to see some changes. Surely Kejriwal is the biggest hope in this front
  11. Kanaga - you have given lots of ideas to these guys. Claim some royalty, because they may implement this soon.
  12. This decision will further complicate things for prepaid users as they have to have monitor now 1 more pack. Airtel has analysed and found that only in Internet charges they can make money. So they are trying to achieve this by this ridiculous idea. Lets see if their analysis is correct or it boomerangs against it. For customers, the only hope now is Reliance Jio. Jio need not be very cheap. If they are reasonable and not ridiculous like other 3G players, we can see a change. With the kind of investment Jio is doing, surely they need more numbers. So surely for 3 years, I honestly feel that internet tariffs will not go up much as Airtel wants to charge
  13. Instrument fitting work taking place in Reliance Jio tower in my home town Virudhunagar (TN)
  14. Xiaomi MI 3

    For the price it is offered, it is a great buy. But is it comparable to high end devices. The specs are high end. How is the call quality and battery performance?