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  1. I have a Kyocera 7135 PDA for sale as well... I've given up my reliance no long time back & this ophone has been lying with me since the last 2 months now...Its in good condition. But i only have the phone, charger & the data cable cum cradel & the orginal CD & box. Please send me your offers.... hypermaster@gmail.co I'm from mumbai.
  2. Data Cable For Lg Rd6130

    i have not tried it with the 6130...but i personally have the 7230 cable & have tries it with the 7130 & 5130..it works with it. i'm guessing that the data cable will work on the 6130 as well as the 6000
  3. Here it is... Nokia's new 6000 series based phone... almost like the 6610i. Hopefully the next one is a Symbian Based Phone based on the Noia 7610. < Link Removed > No more working...
  4. this is exactly the same case in & around mumbai. ive gone to nahik, shirdi, lonavala, & pune & the highway network totally s**ks..but once ur in a city...ur network beats even the best GSM player. anyways....its a new growing network....so we'll give it more time..
  5. Veer-zaara Ring In Love Calls In Rim

    any one got veer zara ring tones???
  6. Cdma Version Of Xda Iii Is Here...

    This is an extremely powerfull machine... the only reason many smaller cities might now have GPRS/R-Connect/EV-DO is because the network providers have to constantly upgrade their network hardware to keep bringing the latest technology & its expensive to do it all over, so they concentrate on high profit making cities to get the fastest return on investment so that smaller cities can be next on their plan, imagine if they launched it in smaller cities, which r extremely low on their ROI,how long will it take for everyone to get it. anyways.... talking about this phone. I used the XDA II & my god..what a powerfull maschine man. There's so much software for it. You can be so organised..u dont need to carry ur Diary ever again. Also the Handwritting recognition is the best. Its truely amazing & this is the XDA III, better specs, better processor, more memory...all in all..MORE POWER TO THE PEOPLE>
  7. but when , oh when will we get to see these in INDIA?? http://s7.invisionfree.com/gsmforum/index.php?showtopic=33
  8. Blackberry 7750 Cdma

    check this out..... http://s7.invisionfree.com/gsmforum/index.php?showtopic=32
  9. Another Samsung Marvel

    Here's another great marvel... Its a Pocket PC Based Phone CDMA Phone with a Keyboard http://s7.invisionfree.com/gsmforum/index.php?showtopic=31
  10. Tata's new diwali prices r here... These are available on both Post & PrePaid Connection,with new rates... Nokia 3105 - Rs.5700 Kyocera KX114 - Rs.3700 Nokia 2280 - Rs.2200 New Rates- Monthly rental - rs.199 call rate to fixed & mobile - rs.1.25/min std - rs.3/min plus discounts on ur total bill..max upto 15% if ur bill is over rs.1000. in TRUEPAID DIWALI OFER- Motorola C131 - Rs1799 1 sec pulse 3paise per second call rate 1,00,000 seconds free calls unto 14th nov 2000 free sms's unto 14th nov Now what will be the new Reliance Phone Rates...they have to yet declare the price for hteir nokia & LG6130
  11. MTNL's UNLIMITED Free Calls Phone

    i have this phone wit this scheme... the scheme is wonderfull... i pay rs.1200 for a month & i can make unlimited calls to any landline/GSM/WLL...anything.... but unfortunately... the network s**ks... whats the point of this scheme when u cant even get network in lots of places... luckily where i need it to work...it catches pretty good signal..but other places..its totally screwed up. sometimes in totally open spaces..it just dis-connects itself
  12. Lg 6130

    rana...yes it will be out in bangalore in 2-3days. by the 9th or 10th it will be out all over india.
  13. All about LG 5130

    the pc sync was made for the 2030 or the 7130 in the start & they did not probably expect that they would launch the 5130 or the 7230. find the install folder under C:\programs\LGSYNC\ (or whatever the folders name is..there u will find a dll file by the name of ****2030**.dll or ****7130**.dll. leave everything the same & just rename it & put ur model no whe the other model no is. now restart ur computer & ur set to sync
  14. SMS problems in LG phones

    oh yes... the LG 6130 & the Nokia 3105 will be at almost all the WW by the 9th & 10th.They dont know the prices as yet, but they say that there will be exchange schemes for both pre-paid & post-paid users.
  15. 5mp Cdma Camera Phone Out

    oh well.... RIM is a bit over 1 year old. Hutch & others are more than 10 years old. you cant expect them do to everything in 1 year..can u?