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  1. Unable To Connect Rworld

    Why most of the times when we try launching RMenu, it shows the below common errors... Unable to connect Rworld : error 1057 and so ons..... R-world not ready
  2. A Classic Bonanza - One Million Celebrations!

    Indeed, Reliance got several complaints regarding Classic that seem to be a settled case now. However, before this best buy, the customers were pre-informed about the issues with the phone.
  3. Handset Compatibility Chart: Handset Tracker

    Few more WAP h/s will get added to the list very soon!!!
  4. Unable To Save Rintone Through R World

    Try to reset the binary of your cell, for that you may visit LG centers. Mrinal.
  5. Unable To Connect Rworld

    Apparently, the vessel is small and the content is overflowing. This gives instability to the networks/connectivity and results the plight for content or the applications to reflect on a handset. Seem that’s why the problem exists!!!
  6. Unable To Connect Rworld

    I dont think its a h/s specific issue. Must be some connectivity probs of application at server end. If you check Rworld on 5130, it hardly reflects the updated services.
  7. Unable To Connect Rworld

    Rworld works on all platfrom which includes java,brew,rlite and WAP.
  8. R-world On Tataindicom

    @ani_meher Irrespective of the fact that WAP was disabled one week after the launch of Nk6265 (billing probs), tzone can be accessed through cdma h/s once WAP is enabled. Yes, I am dreaming that one day reliance will enable WAP for its users after making amendments. Perhaps/Indeed, it will be enabled once the r-world usage target of 100 crs is achieved by the company.
  9. R-world On Tataindicom

    Since when ??? WAP is enabled.....6265 is one of the eg.
  10. R-world Interface

    Nowadays, R-world crashing has become so frequent that maximum time we are unable to get the menus...huge revenue loss and poor customer experience !!!
  11. R-world On Tataindicom

    But you can access Tzone from a reliance h/s... only through WAP or BREW ones.