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  1. Is Wap Working Again?

    brother i m stcsessfully open the wap site on my nokia 6255 but i m only open page http://wgw.wdsap.ricinfo.com:6081/jataayu/index.wml but other sites are not opning on my mobile i m using CELLHTML SOFTWARE for opening and its working on my mobile download cellhtml from jetjar.com
  2. R-world Icon Gone

    yes dear i m also fasing this problem with nokia 6255 handset what is the solution plz help me
  3. Hack Your Nokia Phone

    *#7370# master reset code for all CDMA NOKIA PHONES IS *#7780# 12345 dont use this master code because this is full factory settings u will lose all information in ur phone
  4. Secret Service Codes for All LG Handsets

    here is ad 5235 service progrramming code MENU+0 than press 536835 try and enjoy it``s owen riskkkk