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  1. My EPIC is non-functional now. It fell and doesnt work anymore. I want to give it away to someone who would be interested in its spare parts. But before i do that, what precautions should i take to clean up the phone of any personal information? The current situation is that the phone doesnt start. When it is plugged into a computer, Removable Storage shows up in Windows Explorer but remains inaccessible.

    Is there something I can do to the hardware to clean up the memory?

  2. I had NOT rooted my Razr. Got an OTA kitkat update yesterday. I accepted the download and installed.

    My phone is now stuck at Motorola logo.

    I tried Recovery option from Volume down + Volume up + Power button menu. It reaches Android distress screen.

    I tried the next set of options Clear Cache, and Delete data/Factory Reset, one after the other.

    But 'Rebooting system now' again leads to the phone being stuck at Motorola logo.

    What should i do next? Please suggest.

  3. Today my Epic 4G fell down the stairs. The screen doesnt show anything, but the keypad lights were on.

    I opened the phone and found out that the springs and plastic around it from sliding mechanism broke. Also the flex cable is torn.

    Any chance of getting replacement and service done in India?

    Or should i look for a new phone? Though it was getting slow at times, i liked the phone :-(

  4. I have non-rooted phone and did an OTA Gingerbread upgrade sometime back. The update was smooth and kept all apps and contact intact. I am facing few issues though -

    GPS - My location doesn't get refreshed. Say i open Google Maps or Waze with GPS on, the apps recognise my location. But as i start moving on the street, my location remains the old one. Or something absolutely away from the actual location. This was very smooth before the upgrade.

    GPS - Sometimes the GPS symbol is on despite me switching it off and closing all apps using GSP. This i guess uses up the battery lot more but goes away on a reboot. Found a solution on androidforums, but i have a noob question on this : Will this solution at http://androidforums.com/epic-4g-support-troubleshooting/444295-gps-locks-up.html work without altering anything in terms of registration with Reliance?

    Data connection speed and availability - I can't really suggest that this is because of the upgrade. EVDO is activated on my phone. Since last few weeks the data connection has been intermittent and slow. This could be a Reliance issue but i am not sure. Has anyone else in Bangalore faced slow connection.

    Charging light - When charging completes, the charging light (blue) doesnt go off for a while even after switching off the power supply. But when i unplug charger from phone it immediately goes off. But this is something one can live with.

  5. RIL's 4G plans. Today's story in ET. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/hardware/ril-plans-to-offer-4g-services-on-rs-3500-tablets/articleshow/11000888.cms

    RIL plans to offer 4G services on Rs 3500 tablets

    MUMBAI: Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries plans to offer high speed data services on attractively priced tablets by 2012-end, which will coincide with the worldwide deployment of an advanced technology that it plans to use, two people familiar with the development told ET.

    The company had earlier planned to launch services by mid next year on data cards that could be plugged into computers and laptops. The RIL services is based on fourth generation, or 4G, technology which offers faster internet access compared to third generation (3G) services. RIL plans to launch tablets at around Rs 3,500 and bundle it with data offering as low as 1 GB at Rs 10, a tenth of the current 3G prices.

    RIL's entry and price disruption could therefore nullify the business case for 3G for existing mobile operators, all of whom on an average offer 1 GB of downloads for Rs 100 at present. Analysts also add that the immediate threat posed by RIL's entry will be to operators like Sistema Shyam and Tata Teleservices, the largest players in the dongle business, plug-in devices that provide wireless connectivity to the internet.

    An industry expert who asked not to be named said: "Frankly I am quite surprised that none of these companies is treating RIL's launch as a threat at the moment. I would think it is time to start gearing up for it. I don't see any of them doing anything." RIL is the only company to have pan-India spectrum to offer wireless broadband services on the 4G technology platform having paid Rs 13,000 crore for these airwaves.

    It will be launching services based on Qualcomm's long term evolution, or LTE, technology, which is currently in test phase. Global majors like Vodafone, Verizon and Telenor have deployed LTE networks in some developed markets. While subsidising devices will be main pillar of RIL's upcoming 4G mobile services offerings, the company is also analysing lessons from its previous foray into mobility. India's largest private sector company had launched mobile services in 2003, before the group was split between brothers Mukesh and Anil Ambani. At the time, it offered mobile handsets at an initial payment of Rs 501.

    In 2006, after Anil Ambani took charge of the telecom unit of the divided Reliance group, the operator struggled with unpaid bills and wrote of nearly Rs 4,500 crore primarily on account of the discount scheme. The RIL management is still working on structures that will avoid defaults of a similar nature, said one person. The company said its broadband offerings were still in the planning phase and no dates had been finalised.

    "Infotel Broadband Services is currently in the process of actively evaluating various technologies that will form a part of its pan-India rollout. At this stage, we have neither finalised a date for launching the services, nor the various types of services and associated tariff plans that we would offer at launch," the company spokesman said in an e-mail statement. "It is our intention to make all of our offerings device agnostic, and our services will be supported by a wide variety of devices from multiple vendors. We will, at appropriate times, make announcements about our plans," Reliance Industries spokesperson said. Currently the cheapest tablets in the market are between Rs 12,000 and Rs 13,000, including one of Reliance Communications at Rs 12,999, which it plans to bring down by 50% by late next year as volumes increase. Tablets and smartphones spur increases in data consumption and these services are billed at a premium giving some relief to operators hit by falling profit margins due to hyper competition in the voice calling space.

    Last year, the industry had forked out Rs 51,000 crore to get 3G airwaves on which they could offer faster data services. A disadvantage that RIL is expected to contend with is the lack of penetration and inflexibility of LTE devices to use other technologies. Here too, history may repeat as in 2003, RIL picked Qualcomm's CDMA technology when all other operators used global system for mobile communications, or GSM.

    While it was able to garner subscriber numbers, CDMA never became a premium service, and average revenue of Reliance Communications and Tata Teleservices the only two CDMA operators at the time, have remained far lower than industry average, forcing them to launch GSM operations in 2008 to garner premium clients.

  6. Got the OTA update last night. Had a very smooth transition to Gingerbread with stock ROM. Contrary to all the feedbacks, no issues faced so far regarding GPS fixes or reboots. Rather the GPS is more accurate than before. Did not have to reset or format sd card, the apps are in place running hail and heartily :)

    Did you have to backup your contacts, images, etc before applying the upgrade? Are there other steps which need to be followed for upgrading?

    I have been ignoring the update prompt for two days now. Little jittery about it.

  7. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703440004575547670261276394.html

    Indian Firms in Talks to Sell iPhone


    MUMBAI—Two Indian telecom operators are in talks with Apple Inc. to launch an iPhone in India based on the code division multiple access technology in a bid to tap the growing smartphone market in one of the world's fastest-growing mobile markets, people familiar with the matter said.

    The talks with Reliance Communications Ltd. and Tata Teleservices Ltd. --which offer mobile phone services based on CDMA technology--come soon after news that Apple is making a version of its iPhone that Verizon Wireless will sell early next year in the U.S. Verizon Wireless offers mobile phone services based on CDMA technology.

    "Tata has been in talks with them [Apple] for four to five months now," said one person familiar with the negotiations.

    "This [talks] has been going on as India is a big market for CDMA. It [any launch] should benefit both parties," the second person said.

    It is unclear though when any launch may take place, these people said.

    Anand Baskaran, an Apple spokesman for India, declined to comment.

    Apple's iPhone is currently available in India through operators Bharti AirTel Ltd. and Vodafone Essar Ltd., a unit of Vodafone Group PLC, which offer services under the global system for mobile communications, or GSM, technology.

    Launching a CDMA phone will give Apple access to more customers in the world's fastest growing telecom market, which is adding around 18 million users a month. The country currently has about 670 million wireless users, of which roughly 20% use CDMA phones. For the two local operators, offering a CDMA iPhone would help them battle shrinking revenues and margins due to intense competition. Currently, the cheapest iPhone in India costs more than $670 and is considered very expensive for a country where 42% of the population earns less than $1.25 a day.

    Still, analysts say Apple may find it tough to generate significant revenue from a CDMA-based iPhone in India given that it is not as widely used as a GSM phone, and because there is stiff competition for smartphones from companies including Nokia Corp., Motorola Inc., HTC Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and Research in Motion Inc.

    Moreover, Google Inc. is pushing to become a significant player in India through little-known Indian handset makers that are poised to launch low-cost devices that include the tech giant's Android operating system in coming months.

    "While the possibility of a CDMA iPhone through Reliance Communications or Tata would help Apple, it is unlikely to generate significant volumes in India," said Daryl Chiam, a senior analyst at research firm Canalys.

    Apple accounted for less than 1% of the India's smartphone market share in the first half of 2010, said Mr. Chiam, adding that in contrast, Nokia shipped 1.8 million smartphones in India and accounted for 71% of the market in the same period.

    However, India's smartphone market is expected to grow to 38 million units in 2014, representing a compound annual growth rate of more than 78% from 2009.

    "Vendors who are keen to participate in this growth market must begin to invest in channel expansion and products for the country," said Mr. Chiam.

  8. As far as Philips in concerned, their products are always of a certain quality and you are assured on that front. But the problem with Philips is that is is exiting all consumer segments in India. Already they have sold of LCD TV facility and rights to Videocon. Their share in Water Purifier segment is negligible. So you are bound to face service issues later on when they exit Water Purifiers also.

    It always makes sense to go for a company which specialises in Water Purifier and whose main business is water purifier. This is a product which you will use for many years and will need regular replacement parts as well as service parts.

    Philips has India as one of the main targets for water purifier. LCD TV facility is in collaboration with Videocon only for manufacturing and not R&D.

    I got a Philips 3890 purifier recently and am happy with the product and customer service. I get corporation water which is not hard and my reason was simple, i wanted No Water if filter runs down.

  9. Hmm so there is no way i can clean up applications from the phone apart from reloading ROM after hard reset.

    @mufaddal_km They are not just icons but applications.

    The phone is right now on Win Mob 6.1 Build 20931.1.5.0 created by Hetal.

    The ROM version is 3.08.666.1 which is dated 07/21/08.

  10. I bought HTC Mogul via RIMWeb and the experience has been good so far.

    There are some issues which i am facing and havnt been able to find a solution here or anywhere.

    Can someone please answer them for me :)

    1. Voice command not working. Shows up error message (see attached screenshot) that VoiceCmd cannot be opened.

    2. I am not able to remove certain programs, which probably the previous owner installed. They are not visible in the Remove Programs list on phone or on ActiveSync. (Resco explorer, Picasa, Opera, MagicCall are some programs i dont want and free up some space)

    If these questions are already answered somewhere, please point me to them. I have been searching for a while now.




  11. Hey go to htc website and click where to buy and check out for a dealer in your city call him up and find out.

    I went to all dealers i could find in my part of Bangalore, (listed on the HTC site and unlisted too). None have heard about HTC CDMA phones.

    Only Reliance WebWorld at CMH Road has P3000 and S720 at 16500 and 19000 respectively.

  12. I had registered my number to the Do Not Disturb list almost a month back. All the promotional SMS have stopped.

    But I have got calls regarding some offers.

    Today I got a call and I asked the address. It turns out that this was a firm called BV Telecom based in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. (Phone number 080-32987904)

    Is "Do Not Disturb" service applicable to firms which are not directly under Reliance perview but sell Reliance products? How should I deal with this issue?