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  1. Reliance Netconnect For Reliance Gsm

    I enquired from the CC here in Pune and also at the Webworld. No such offer available here.
  2. R World Getting Charged 10 Times More Why

    There definitely was a problem wherein R-World was being overcharged. They overbilled me for the month of December. I complained, but they did not reverse the charges and I had no proof (lost my handset that month, so could not check the logs). They overbilled me again for the month of January. I was keeping a close watch on the usage, and so had proof of having been overbilled (they had charged over 15 times what my actual usage was). I sent them a lengthy mail with a snap of the logs and an explanation of being overcharged, and only then did they reverse the charges. So, the billing problem was definitely there. If it has been resolved, then that would be great. Nahi to, will have to fight with reliance every month when the bill is generated.
  3. All about Nokia 6235

    I could not find the software version of my phone. I tried *#0000# but it only shows "Nokia 6235" on the screen. Please guide me on this.
  4. All about Nokia 6235

    Hi Chirag... Saw your post as above (I know it's a long long time since you posted that). I got a 6235 about 2 weeks back. And even my set keeps hanging up (actually it switches itself off) very often. Looks like I am one of the few unlucky ones facing this problem wid this beautiful set. Is that problem still there wid your phone or were you able to find a workaround? Please let me know. I'll check the s/w version of the phone tomorrow morning and post in on this thread.
  5. New Handsets awaited

    Hey... that's not correct.. I recently upgraded to the nokia 3105.. r world works on my set... i've even downloaded wallpapers from R world using that phone. I go tmy set from the WebWorld. Maybe u r talking about the sets from a Nokia Showroom.
  6. Nokia 3205 Cdma

    Checked out the model (3205) on the Nokia website... It's coooooooollllll...... The only problem is that even "Nokia" has not yet released it in the market. It only features in the "upcoming models"... So, there's a long way to go before reliance includes it in it's list of handsets I guess. For the time being, 3105 seems to be a pretty good phone to go with. Any ideas if we can upgrade from LG2030 to Nokia 3105??? (I don't even know if Reliance has started offering this handset, though it's on their list of handsets... I'm saying this because I could not find the tariff of this handset under their Postpaid section). Me2RIMUser.
  7. Hi, Reliance ROCKS!!!... It's all set to give the other operators a run for their money... Hoardings all over Mumbai came up within 2 days after Reliance announced their new tariffs... These hoardings claim to disclose the "100% truth".... Any idea who is behind all this???.... I'm betting on the GSM guys to be behind this crap... They're trying everything to keep their customers... Lets see what they have to come up with... Wait and watch guyz.... It's goin to be a bad bad battle out there... Hee Hee Hee....