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  1. Review: Sprint HTC EVO 3D - World's 1st (Proper) 3D Phone

    Issue with my HTC EVO 3D 's touch screen. Last week a few lines stopped responding to finger movement. I gave phone to local repair guy to check and replace Digitizer if that was the issue. He brought back with more lines not working as well soft keys also not working. The repair guy had told me that the Digitizer in this model is always pasted on display glass. If we had to change Digitizer he needs to brought along with new display glass. Need to know if anyone can suggest where to get Digitizer. Since this is 3D I was wondering who can best identify and repair the issue.
  2. So a Consolidated view: Date: 6-Jan-2013 Day : Sunday Time: around 6:00pm Venue to Gather: Jogger's Park, Bandra (For all coming by train, get down at Bandra Station and come on west side. Auto Rickshaw drive is to be told to take you to Jogger's Park, Carter Road, if getting Auto is difficult , Number of buses also ride on that route) There is nice open food point in a large bunglow "Candy's" which is at walkable distance from the Jogger's Park. Its food place with Self Service (so pay for all you want) and sit together in any corner of the Candy's. Shall we have a person who can act for a single point of contact / inquiry ? Manish
  3. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    Friday. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dexetra.friday&feature=search_result It organises all your events, incoming / outgoing calls, incoing / outgoing sms, emails, and more in timeline. Its Journal of your life. Developer's Website Contents: Description Friday brings self discovery by introducing the first passive auto journal. Friday changes the way you use your android. It captures your entire life through your phone and builds a beautiful timeline of your life in a very smart manner. Not just that, you can filter and search your life to find the exact information you want. Friday becomes an intelligent tool to create analytics and infographics pertaining to you using its context aware semantic map creation algorithm. Friday is not just a backup service, on the contrary, it collates all the information including your location, people / contacts, moments, music, pictures, facebook, twitter and foursquare (social) feeds, apart from your calls, texts and mails to present you with a digitized form of memory which is searchable. In essence, friday becomes your best friend or an alter-ego with full access to your memory and important events. With friday activities, you can share or, just log your favorite activities you've been doing all day. Friday helps you forget to remember. The app does the remembering for you.
  4. Call Conference Trick On Motorola Droid 2 & Droid 2 Global

    It worked well on HTC EVO 3D with ICS Thank you.
  5. Review: Sprint HTC EVO 3D - World's 1st (Proper) 3D Phone

    I have a problem with my HTC EVO 3D that the Front Camera does not work. Initially it used to work. Had used MyMirror and Skype with Front Camera for a while. But after a while when I switch to front cam, it shows reverse picture of Back Camera. Try loading fresh RUU as suggested by the seller. Still no use. Can anyone help me? Manish
  6. Google Project Majel, Android Repsonse To Apple Siri?

    Aab maza aayega
  7. Siri Alternatives For Android

    I tried * Speak to It * IRIS * VLingo However they could not meet the expectations as the bar has been raised by SIRI very high. Manish
  8. Cheapest ISD Calling Options

    Mumbai / Delhi MTNL offers US/Canada/UK/Singapore/Thailand/China/Hongkong at Re.1/- per minute. Dial 1300 from MTNL GSM
  9. Sharing Hard Disk For Small Group

    GoogleDocs would have been the right way. This will allow you to store file at centralised location and everyone can edit it. Each user's changes will be correctly saved. However you have mentioned that there are formatting issues and you may / may not be able to use it. In that case its left to use a Internet Based FTP drive where you can store a file. Let others download it and edit on their PC/Laptop and again upload it. Limitations: 1) Version Management: If two guys download and work on it, the last person who again uploads on server, his file will be only available with his changes. 2) You will require Word / Excel on the Local PC to edit it. 3) Becomes slightly complicated than Google Docs. 4) You may endup leaving a copy on the PC where you edited the file, compromising its confidentiality.
  10. WiFi Not Working on HTC Mogul

    The issue is that I can turn ON the Wifi button, it starts searching networks but does not come back with result even when there are WiFi networks around.
  11. ILeaf topic had earlier come on RimWeb. I had searched for their phone numbers and had spoken with them. I had called regarding purchasing 3G Router if they had in stock. I was told that they were in discussion with Future Ventures Ltd.. FVL was helping them to Patent their 3G router as well market it thru BigBazaar. This was supposed to be completed by Feb-2011. They have not mentioned anything about their plans/terms with FVL. They have not mentioned why the arrangement with FVL was planned and stalled. We have not heard anything after this. While Tablet manufacturing could be a larger project, 3G router was not so large. Investment required for manufacturing that could have been obtained from any group of individual investors. It is likely that being in Odhisa they may not have reach to possible individual investors. But if the 3G router project was promising in terms of volumes and margins, it could have been supported if appropriate channel was selected. As a consumer, even if the 3G router is produced in small quantities and sold at still higher price than 1,300, I am sure many like me will still buy it. If product is promising, why TCS would take them as normal coders rather than take them to manufacture the product that is already developed by them? It seems, it was more of publicity rather than a concrete product. Manish
  12. WiFi Not Working on HTC Mogul

    From sometime I have been facing this issue. When I put ON Wifi switch on my HTC 6800 Mogul, it displays icon of Wifi and performs a search. However it does not detect or show any Wifi even when I am standing just next to Wifi Router. I tried manually adding a new network but still would not connect or show "Available". Can anyone suggest what needs to be done in order to solve this problem? Manish