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  1. Prepaid: No such plans in any circle wherein STD is 50 Paise/min Postpaid: There are few circles where Airtel offers cheap STD plans. Better check with the Airtel website for more details.
  2. Reliance Communications Launches GSM Telephony Services

    If RCOM doesnt want to launch the product in 2-3 days, then there was no point in announcing the launch on 30th Dec. Its shame for Reliance Comm. and Anil to still think about the launch offers and plans. There was absolutely no need to launch the GSM with such a huge fanfare, as the launching will take around 6 months to complete.
  3. Reliance Communications Launches GSM Telephony Services

    Even I have seen this news. But it is talking about the nationwide launch, even Anil Ambani has mentioned about the nationwide launch only in June 2009. The current GSM launch is only for 11,000 towns and few villages without covering railway-tracks or highways. So the new brand or the new price plans will be available very soon across all the circles.
  4. Reliance Communications Launches GSM Telephony Services

    Any news about the initial GSM tariff plans? I am in Hyderabad, and there is no news from any of the retailer about the new GSM tariffs!!
  5. Reliance Communications Launches GSM Telephony Services

    Major excerpts about the new Reliance GSM Launch State of the art next generation GSM network with digital voice clarity and India’s first nationwide enhanced EDGE for fast internet access Next-gen electronics for super digital voice clarity Seamless coverage on major railway routes, national and state highways through dedicated mobile towers Access to a Reliance owned fibre network for unlimited capacity - both in India and overseas, resulting in unmatched quality on local, STD or ISD calls Nationwide enhanced EDGE for fastest internet access speeds Stutter-free video capability including 16 TV channels, sports updates as well as access to popular video sharing websites like Youtube Widest R-World mobile content offering entertainment, music, news, cricket, bollywood, maps and search One-click set-up and access to email and social networking offering communication convenience of a PC Reliance’s No. 1 CDMA network is now supported by India’s strongest GSM network. With this, Indians will have the unique proposition of being able to choose between two nationwide world class networks
  6. Reliance Communications Launches GSM Telephony Services

    This launch is for major towns across India. However they are still in the process of converting the CDMA BTS tower compatible to GSM as well, which is an ongoing process. Most probably we would be getting this as a new year gift from Anil. I think that 1st Jan 09 onwards the nationwide GSM tariff plans will also be out.
  7. Reliance Communications Launches GSM Telephony Services

    The Financial Express: Anil Ambani-led Reliance Communications on Tuesday, announced the rollout of GSM mobile services, which will be available in 11,000 towns countrywide. Announcing the rollout, Anil Ambani said that the company has invested over Rs 10,000 crore in the project, which was completed six months ahead of schedule. Reliance Communications mobile users will now have a choice of both CDMA and GSM services, Ambani said, adding, "the project was completed within 15 months", six months ahead of schedule.
  8. Mumbai, Dec 30: The Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group announced its much-awaited GSM mobile telephone services spread over 11,000 towns and 340,000 villages with a capital infusion of Rs 10,000 crore (Rs 100 billion/USD 2 billion). Chairman Anil Ambani, who launched the services from the Reliance Centre here, said the rollout happened six months ahead of schedule, with the company having secured the frequency spectrum for the services only in January. “What has taken other companies 15 years to achieve, we have completed in less than 15 months,” Ambani said, adding that the GSM telephony will complement the group's CDMA offering to give customers a wider choice. The CDMA network of Reliance Communications spans more than 20,000 towns and 450,000 villages and has some 60 million subscribers across the country, as per the company's web site. The launch of GSM services came just two days after the 76th birth anniversary of the company's late founder Dhirubhai H Ambani. It was on his 70th birth anniversary on December 28, 2002 that Reliance had launched its mobile phone services. Link to News
  9. If you want to make unlimited calls to just one number, then go for Reliance or Tata. But again if you would like to have good handsets, better coverage, easy interoperability, ease of changing service providers - then go for GSM. If you would like to go for Reliance then make sure that you purchase a CDMA handset under Rs2000 such that you can have the option of thowing it after say 2 years. In the next 6-8 months Reliance will be pan India GSM operator, we can expect some freebeeies at that time as well. Hence do not invest much in CDMA handset and wait for the right time to jump to GSM.
  10. Coverage For Data Card & Cell In Reis Magos, Goa?

    The simplest solution for your problem is to call the CC and confirm the same. As far as I know, Reliance has a complete coverage in Goa. I am not familiar with the letters CC, what do they stand for? Please excuse my naevity, but I have no idea! CC = Customer Care. Its *333 from your Reliance mobile.
  11. Coverage For Data Card & Cell In Reis Magos, Goa?

    The simplest solution for your problem is to call the CC and confirm the same. As far as I know, Reliance has a complete coverage in Goa.
  12. Use Another Sim In Reliance Phones Gsm

    You can do it by changing the chipsets of classis handset. Also you will have to put the GSM set frame in that classic handset. In broad way, its not possible, FORGET IT.
  13. Business Standard Monday Dec 31, 2007 http://www.business-standard.com/common/st...t=0&chkFlg= RCom to launch Rs 480 Net-enabled phones Rajesh S Kurup / Mumbai December 30, 2007 Company targets sale of one million handsets a year. Reliance Communications (RCom) is planning to revive the price war in the mobile handsets segment, this time by introducing an internet-enabled mobile phone for Rs 480 ($12) – the cheapest in the country, if not in the world. This will be at least three times lower than the existing price of Rs 1,400 ($35) for a low-end internet-enabled handset. The company, which has been conducting a feasibility study for the last couple of months, is in the advanced stage of launching the handset. The launch of the handset, slated to be in the GSM category, would coincide with the company’s proposed GSM entry, a source close to the development said. “Low-cost internet-enabled phone is one of the seven major initiatives planned by the company in 2008, and Chairman Anil Ambani is personally overseeing it,” the source added. According to an analyst, RCom had always played the price game, starting with the Monsoon Hungama scheme in 2003. Under the scheme, the company offered monochrome (black & white) handsets for Rs 501 at a time when prices were hovering around Rs 2,000. The company later launched One India scheme that substantially brought down STD call rates. It also launched the sub-$25 handsets to further boost its presence. RCom is in advanced stages of discussions with leading contract manufacturers in China, Taiwan and Korea for sourcing the prototype of the low-cost internet phone. The company intends to place an initial order for 12 million handsets. It will target the 600 million rural population and sell around 1 million pieces a year in the rural and semi-urban areas. When contacted an RCom spokesperson refused to comment on the specifics of the project. “Initiatives to increase the availability and affordability are among the key pillars of Reliance’s growth strategy. The company is continuously looking at innovative solutions to serve the needs of various customer segments with varied needs and tastes,” he said. The company is also looking at roping in the labour ministry that is looking at digitisation of communication technology and making mobile phones affordable to farmers. The ministry is also looking at working with private companies to enable internet accessibility to farmers and help them use the Net to sell their produce.
  14. Blackberry 8703e

    What is the source of news that 8703e price is reduced to 15699/- ? Also where is it availbale in that price?
  15. Blackberry 8703e

    But 1760KB can be crossed very easily, even if you download a small mail; 100 to 200Kb will be consumed. Check with Reliance, they always have some billing problem.