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  1. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    Hello guys, Since last 4-5 days I am getting the EC05 update notification and I am ignoring the notification by selecting "install later" .. I've been on DI18, haven't ever tried any updates or anything. I tried reading last few pages of this topic, but i guess it was very technical. Probably will read from the beginning to get a better idea. For now, can anyone just tell me (yes/no) whether i should install the new update through the notification ? or is there any different procedure to be followed along with that ? Thanks & sorry for my ignorance.
  2. Samsung Epic 4G - No Browsing From Phone

    Alright, thanks for the information :-) .
  3. Samsung Epic 4G - No Browsing From Phone

    Hello, Im again able to browse RWorld internet on phone. Solution . I followed instructions in that topic, used CDMA Workshop to write a text file which was given in the topic. Everything is back to normal. Anyways, but i still have a doubt - how can i browse Net Connect internet (not the RWorld internet) through the phone ? How to enter the settings for a new connection on phone. I don't see any option under "Settings/Wireless & Networks" to configure a new connection. I want to use Net Connect on phone.
  4. Generic Rworld Password - For Rworld Based Internet

    Guys, thanks a lot for your support.. I was selecting the wrong com port. here is what i did :- 1) sent the default SPC to the phone (i.e. 000000) 2) wrote the file attached to the phone (as explained in steps) I hope sending the default SPC 000000 won't do any harm. It had lost reception as soon as I wrote the file, but after a reset the reception is back. Even data is back. So did i just sent the wrong SPC ? do i need to resend the correct SPC ? I bought the phone from Hetalbhai
  5. Generic Rworld Password - For Rworld Based Internet

    Hello guys, I am having a problem sending the default SCN (000000) to phone.. It says "Error.. the phone does not answers"
  6. Samsung Epic 4G - No Browsing From Phone

    Update: I am not even able to connect internet on desktop via phone. i.e. connecting by using phone as a modem. I use simple netconnect connection (number dialed:#777, uname/pass:phone no.). It used to connect before. Cannot anyone help me here ?
  7. Samsung Epic 4G - No Browsing From Phone

    Hello everyone, Im new to Android and Epic 4g. Since yesterday I'm not able to connect internet via phone. The data connection won't start. Before, whenever i wanted to use internet, i would disable "Dial up networking" and it would connect to data by itself, by showing the 3G symbol on the top. But now after disabling "dial up networking" nothing would happen. I have tried rebooting, toggling airplane/normal mode.. no help .. And also, it seems that the data connection the phone uses is of the RWorld.. The one which uses wap proxy of rworld.. How can i connect to internet via #777 connection ? Where we give ph no as username and password.. basically how to configure a new connection using phone modem .. ? I have installed Anycut but I dont know how to configure proxy settings using it. Thanking you, Niral.
  8. The bsnl evdo plans are much cheaper then the regular broadband ..they give U/L at 550 with 2mbps speed.. while on wired broadband the U/L is at 750 that too with only 250kbps ... why evdo plans are more cheaper then regular ones ?.. also bsnl's 1x wireless(datacard) U/L plans are too cheaper as compared to reliance or tata..bsnl gives U/L only at 250/month.. while reliance gives at 1500/month... how come bsnls are coming up with so cheaper rates..? does anyone know when are reliance/tata expected to offer evdo services .?
  9. Verizon 6700 - Headset Problem

    No it does reduce battery .. almost my half !! .. I dont know what may be the issue .. Im using the same motorolla headset .. works all fine except that button .. but it doesnt bothers me ..
  10. Antivirus - Need To Buy One

    hey guys .. how is quick heal ? I saw on microsoft page that if you have genuine windows you can get quick heal for just 199 !!
  11. I've Got A 250/- Off Coupon Code For Gadgetsguru.com

    any takers ??? If you guys use legal copy of anti-virus the site has got really cool deals .. one gets McAffee and quickheal at 775/- after using coupon (while mrp is 1500)
  12. System Help

    change your system itself .. even after increasing your ram by 128 mb .. the performance won't boost up .. your processor is having just 450mhz clock speed ... what i would suggest of buying a new system .. a core2duo desktop would just cost around 18k or something (with screen,keyboard, speakers..everything !! ) the dualcore/solocore/pentium4 costs from 8k to 14k ..
  13. Hello guys, I've got a 250/- off voucher of gadgetsguru.com (on minimum purchase of 1000) the voucher is expiring on 9th July '08.. so if anyone wants to purchase anything from that site ... i would happy to give the discount code .. The site has got cool offers .. check if anything interest you .. PM me if you need the discount code... Regards, Niral. UPDATE - 5/07/08 Discount code given to Mr. Arun . :-)
  14. Ruim Conversion For Ppc 6800

    wow ! a breakthrough achievement. .. im waiting for some one to do the importing,programing,soldering stuff and make it ready to use with just inserting an ruim card left . guys who are thorough with the things can have some deals over here and ultimately help everyone to get the phone .! cos not everyone are goin to do the things of soldering n programing.
  15. New Spare Battery For 6700 Wanted Purchase In India

    hahaha !! .. utstarcom service centers s**ks to hell !! .. already some of us have diehard stories with them..