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  1. Reliance GSM 3G Modem Query

    How to enable voice call in reliance branded zte mf 190?
  2. Reliance GSM 3G Modem Query

    u mean Huawei E173 has got call features too or u mean some other feature....
  3. Reliance GSM 3G Modem Query

    reliance is selling these 3g modem ZTE MF668,ZTE MF190 ,Huawei E173 I wanted to know whether these modem's are unlocked or not.Can i use any sim in these modem's. http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/3G/HTML/DataCards.html
  4. Am I getting 3G Services?

    I am not getting even 100kbps throughput constantly with any gprs provider
  5. Use serial data cable.Ur problem would be solved.......
  6. Brain Teasers

    @56 5times
  7. Brain Teasers

    @50 194
  8. Power Consumption Question

    Then can i see this edge enabled phone for pc browsing when the battery is charging from wall socket since i can recharge the battery as well as connect the phone to pc simultaneously(it has got two distinct socket one for charging other to connect the data cable) Would it affect the phone?
  9. Power Consumption Question

    I want to know two things 1.Doing internet through edge enabled nokia(any gsm)handset by bluetooth consumes more power(battery) than usb data cable? 2.Will doing internet on regular basic with this edge enabled nokia handset costs its battery life or hardware in any way? Thanks
  10. I do not need 3g handset .I need handset featuring at least class10 edge.nokia 7210 supernova is class32 edge and is not a 3g handset.I think nokia 3110c is the cheapest .Any other is available?
  11. Will class 32 edge be useful here in India because a average throughput of 100-110kbps(MAX 236kbps) is obtained with class 10 edge handsets..Will i get more bandwidth with class 32 handset .Does it depend on network provider like airtel
  12. I want to know which is the cheapest mobile handset having class10 EDGE connectivity and what could be its price....
  13. Hyper

    As there is AT voice command like ATDT ot AT+CDV no to dial any number... Similarly when i dial ATDT#777 then it replies with CONNECT only ..is there any AT command to get connected to netconnect through hyperterminal
  14. i want to know which mobile phone manufacturer has best modem features and provide better internet downloading/surfing speed than other manufacturer.....i heard samsung is best ..is it true
  15. Netconnect Awsome Speed

    i got that speed through lg 2030