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  1. Laptop Discussion

    Ever heard of the Armstrong special edition ? Why dont you go for it instead of this one ?
  2. DAKC (Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City), Navi Mumbai, June 01, 2005 India's largest private sector telecom company Reliance Infocomm today launched a unique 'incoming only' recharge voucher - RCV 149 - for subscribers who do not have much outgoing call needs. The voucher costs Rs 149--administration fee of Rs 135.21 and service tax of Rs 13.79-, and is valid for 30 days. Though talktime is zero, subscribers can use top-up vouchers to make calls or send text messages. "The incoming RCV will particularly be useful to first-time mobile users in small towns where we are rapidly expanding our footprint," said S P Shukla, President - Wireless Products and Services, Reliance Infocomm. The top-up options are as follows: * Standard RCVs of Rs 55 and Rs 110 * e-Recharge from Rs 55 to Rs 2,199 and * SMS top card valued at Rs55 to send text messages to any RIM across the country. Buoyed by the run away success of RCV199 which was launched in September 2004, Reliance Infocomm was keen on introducing a new variant to meet the needs of a growing segment of low-end customers who need to stay connected but don't have much outgoing call requirements. Please continue discussions here
  3. Battery Colour Changed!

    Yeah, thats right. if you notice carefully, there's a small hole at the somewhere near the bottom of the battery. you'll find red crosses inside. seems if it comes in contact with water, the paint turns pink. that's whats probably happened ...
  4. Get GMAIL here

    rajbirsingh I've sent you the invite ! have fun ...
  5. Get GMAIL here

    Hi Dhabawala ! Enjoy GMAIL ! I'm sending you an invite.
  6. Firefox Tips-n-tricks

    Have any of you people been successful in getting the Yahoo formatting bar which shows up when you compose a new message ? Its visible when I'm using IE but has never shown up in Firefox. Any solution to this problem ?
  7. Incredimail

    did u access your mail through firefox ? try through IE and see if it shows up. 'cause even when you try accessing yahoo mail through firefox, it never shows the toolbar which has the formatting options like bold, italics etc whereas IE displays the toolbar.
  8. Ur Favorite Handset

    according to the website, the 3105 cannot display video in R World !
  9. Don't Get Scared!

    actually this is not the only slide - i remember seeing quite a few two years ago. the one you're seeing is nothing - you have to see the others to freak out !!
  10. its not only with reliance - it's very common in India. people who are meant to serve you actually behave like your boss ... its sad but true. what you said is absolutely true - people at the WW's and especially the CC are not upto the mark.
  11. Cellphones That See Thru Clothes!

    its an infra-red sensor - it possibly cant picture the human without his clothes !! all it can do is probably give an outline of his/her structure and definaetly not just "take his clothes off" !!!
  12. Anti-virus

    what's the difference between option 1 and option 2 ? norton is a product of symantec ... why are there two options ? could someone throw light on this ?
  13. Dictionary Doesn't Add The Word "unbill"!

    hey ! i tried it on my 2130 again ... it's not happening !!! there's something basically wrong with this phone ...
  14. Dictionary Doesn't Add The Word "unbill"!

    i have the buggy moonlight and i face the same problem ... the word "unbill" doesnt seem to get registered in the dictionary! the only way of getting around this problem is to store this word in a template (dont know whether 2030 allows you to edit templates ... does it ?)
  15. Nokia 2280 Backlights with Service Area

    i've noticed the same thing happening on my mom's phone ! it displays Chennai and the light glows for about 5 seconds !!! guess its just a bug they havent really bothered to get fixed ... what else could it be ?!