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  1. Motorola Photon - No Service After Flash

    ##3282# or ##DATA# usually works only in stock roms. For it to work on MIUI, you ll have to enable carrier codes by installing a script or copying your existing dialer codes scripts from /system in stock rom to the custom ROM. You can find some patch files shared on XDA which do this. I used such a patch for my fascinate. It should be there for photon as well. Google should help you with that
  2. Motorola Photon - No Service After Flash

    Parin, So lets say we start the process all over again.. ie., Flash SBF (at this point check if the data & connection is back, if not then load PRL & NV Dump) Root & unlock bootloader Flash Custom CWM Wipe/Factory Reset Load MIUI v4 2.6.8 ( this ROM was the reason why it all started ) and check again whether data & calls are working ! (if not working, can we again load PRL & NV dump at this point) ? How to load NV Dump ? (which tab in CDMA workshop) Do we need to unlock SPC (how) before we try loading PRL & NV Dump? How to put photon in DIAG Mode ?
  3. I think you are right. If we use HCC, then we dont have to release RSN. But getting a proper valid HCC is a difficult thing these days. HCC is rare to find and even if found, it hardly works often resulting in wasted attempts. Do u have any reliable source for HCC ?
  4. I can buy 2 OMH cards from webworld for 100bucks probably. But how to transfer number into these? Again HCC ? coz if i ask the WW to do MDN retain, the issue will be to release the MEID of the imported handsets, which will be listed as lost/stolen when the WW does MDN retain. Any idea how long this can take and what is the process for releasing ? I have bought the handsets directly from US and got them registered through a member here, who doesn't care to respond now ! That is the biggest issue for me. I can bugg a few other good and experienced sellers here, but cant do that always ANy other suggestions ?
  5. Hello Friends My mom needs a new mobile now, which has good battery back up and works with CDMA network. I have two phones in my household: 1. Samsung Fascinate with extended battery, already activated with reliance & in sparing use right now. 2. HTC hero activated with reliance and in use for my wife. I want to choose one of the handsets mentioned above, deactivate the current number on those and activate my mom's reliance number so that she can start using the phone. My Fascinate is also registered with reliance but doesnt have EVDO yet. what is the process to get the number swap done ? I have an OMH handset at home to use for the number swap or change process. Another idea is to activate the fascinate with my wife's number and pass on the Hero to my mom for rough use. This will involve too many swaps i believe but i guess even this is possible. Can you plz suggest me what to do and how to do the number change process ?
  6. Unable To Activate HTC Hero using *228

    AWESOME Help there .... With nice help from parin, I could get the HTC hero activated. Now only 1x Data needs to be activated. My wife is so happy... I m nt able to express her happiness in words here, and all this due to the support from our RIMWEB community ! Thanks a lot guys I think i ll have to try how to get the data working on this phone once the happiness of activating the hero sinks in
  7. Unable To Activate HTC Hero using *228

    My wife's phone is now not active at all !! SO there is no sim card with her number. Her number was actually being used in an OMH sim card in micromax phone, from which we used MDN retain method to move her number into htc hero. Now that this process has not completed, her number says switched off. Neither the old sim card is active nor the new HERO ! so i dont think i can extract msid out of it ? am i guessing right ?
  8. Unable To Activate HTC Hero using *228

    What is MIN ? is it the phone number ? 10 dig# ? When i dial ##000000#, it shows MSID & MDN options only. I entered the mobile# (10 dig rel num 93*****) into both the fields and confirm modifications. Phone got restarted and still nothing happened ! i tried dialing *228 & same result ! did i enter the wrong number actually ? where do i get the MIN ? can i read it from cdma workshop ?
  9. Unable To Activate HTC Hero using *228

    Parin bhai, I just dialed ##000000# on the HTC hero and it is working. I have sent you the details of what is shown in that screen as a pm. Please let me know how to proceed further. Thanks a lot everyone for your suggestions and help ...
  10. Unable To Activate HTC Hero using *228

    Well, as i already mentioned in the op, i even tried getting it activated by MDN retain @webworld. The number has been shifted to the HTC hero MEID by the webworld, but the hero is not getting activated for me to start using the number !! The person who got the MEID registered (Hitesh Hambarde) is not even replying to my contact messages or sms. Only person who helped me with this is our Hetal Bhai.. He got the meid released twice already and since he is a busy guy, he is not able to solve it out ! Thats why i am posting it open, expecting our gurus to help me out wid this
  11. Hello Friends I have been trying to activate a HTC Hero for my wife and it is not getting activated. Earlier I was using the same phone with my number in HYD (by cloning method with ruim) and later I shifted my number to samsung fascinate.After the hero became free, I got the MEID registered with Reliance by paying quite some money to Mr. Hitesh Hambarde He has got the phone registered and programmed some parameters (i think Akey) remotely. Later, when i tried activating the HTC Hero to my wife's number using HCC card, it failed. I tried MDN retain via WW and that didn't work out either. Due to some urgent expected calls, I finally had to activate my wife's number on some old omh sim and use it on micromax phone. Meanwhile, this HERO MEID was registered as lost/damaged. It took a lot of time and with great help from our esteemed member Hetal, I got the MEID released for use with HCC/GSK etc. Now, i again tried activating the phone with HCC card and it fails. After repeatedly trying with HCC (4 times), I had given up hope and asked WW to do an MDN Retain, to transfer my wife;s num from OMH sim to this HTC HERO MEID. The WW says they have done the needful, but whenever i try *228, the message says " the phone could not be activated" ! Now, the number is hanging.. It is stuck in the HERO MEID and i am unable to get it working with hero !! The issue here is, if i go back to the omh sim, this hero meid will again be listed as damaged ! So I dont want to do that now. Meanwhile, the WW escalated the issue of being unable to activate the phone and i got a call from customer care, saying SPC has to be unlocked for the phone to get activated OTA. The SPC is already unlocked and when i read from CDMA workshop, it shows 000000. But still, when i try *228, it is not getting activated OTA. What could be the problem ? Rimweb gurus, plz help me ! the phone has been lying around as a paperweight for the past 6 months and I am just not able to get it activated !! Any help is appreciated
  12. Verizon Samsung Fascinate - Beauty With The Brains

    try downloading "Free Power Widget" from the market. It is a better option which actually reduces a few clicks to toggle data. The option is given in the widget, but when u click on that, it takes u directly to the mobile networks toggle page, where u can enable/disable data. I have been using this for over 2 weeks now, without any issues/battery drain. try it and lemme knw
  13. Verizon Samsung Fascinate - Beauty With The Brains

    The point if flashing Glitch Kernel is to get In-Call Audio volume to a reasonable level. Data works without that as well. Before flashing the Glitch kernel, try calling some one and see how feeble it would be. Then flash Glitch and notice the difference WiFi tetherin works for me.. didnt try USB ( never tried earlier also) .. but i am on Glitch.. I wasnt using stock kernel for a second ! ha ha
  14. Verizon Samsung Fascinate - Beauty With The Brains

    Well, If you dont flash the V12 Glitch beta, your call volume will be low and people wont be hearing you Though its beta, it is pretty much stable for daily use. In fact, i would say i am finding it better than the ComRom 2.1 or UGB 0.2. Though V12 glitch kernel is beta, it is fully developed and has a lot of support as well. I for one, didnt face any issue with this kernel. But be advised, if you dont flash the v12 kernel, audio wont be fixed and you ll eventually move back to touchwiz. With V12 Glitch, it is much louder and nice color control available as well. One thing is, immediately when a call is connected, volume is high and you can pull it down via the volume down button. As i told earlier, after flashing the Glitch kernel, you ll have to enable "screen state scaling" via recovery (this option is new in V12 beta) and set it to either smartass or conservative. It would take some time for you to figure out your best setting and then you can stick to it. I am using the Medium leakage kernel with a lot of undervolt setting This is called "Sleep of Death" .. a feature very common among the modded touchwiz roms or leaks as well You ll not know this untill you try to wake your phone and notice it has been dead ! A possible fix for this .. if you are using any undervolt settings, dont be aggressive, use mild settings if you are using setcpu and underclocking, try setting a different governor and frequency map if you are not doing any of the above, then may be the ROM or the kernel you are using are not compatible or have this issue (very much possible). So just try using the ED05 ODIN posted above your post and see if it solves your problem.
  15. Verizon Samsung Fascinate - Beauty With The Brains

    welcome Tarun ! one more thing.. the newest v12 Glitch kernel has screen off scaling governor setting from the recovery under "glitch" option. You need to enable scaling governor and either use smartass or conservative. I m using smartass and works good. I am getting 1.5 to 2 days of battery on medium usage.