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  1. Xiaomi India Migrates Cloud Servers to India

    RN3 got MIUI 10.2.1 update, the last one for this handset. No VoLTE support for either Airtel or Voda. Only Jio VoLTE works
  2. daily 30-40 min is not very light use. does BSNL have a plan to suit that. also how good is BSNL signal at your location? Have you thought of Jio 98 plan?
  3. After public outcry, TRAI has intervened. Now, the minimum validity recharge has been reduced to 23 by Airtel and 24 by Voda. To recharge from main balance, for airtel dial *121*51# and choose 23. it can also be put on auto renew mode. for voda dial *444*24#. no auto renew option. for idea dial *369*24#. no auto renew option.
  4. those who use only for incoming would wait till 28+15 (43) days to do validity recharge. so they would be paying about 300 now instead of the earlier 400. And yes TRAI regulations are violated as the to the Telecom Consumer Protection Regulation (Sixth Amendment) Rules specify that connection can not be discontinued as long as the main balance is more than Rs.20, but Rs20/30 days can be deducted for inactive numbers.
  5. for those who have jio Rs.50 vouchers unused in their account open Myjio. Go to vouchers and select option to buy voucher. select 149 recharge + 11 data voucher proceed to pay you will get option to use 50 credit voucher, select that pay 110 by any method and get one 149 recharge voucher and one 11 data voucher in your account these vouchers are not tied to your account and can be transferred to any user.
  6. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    I also have Wind4 as secondary phone. Good phone. But due to RAM limitations, it difficult to put more than a couple of apps. Hoping against hope to get Oreo Go update on it.
  7. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    What is the battery drain with dual VoLTE
  8. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    I would suggest you get a Micromax Bharat 1 and put the Jio SIM in that. It offers very small form factor and excellent wifi hotspot. As you are using Jio 98mplan, I am assuming that you are using it as the backup plan.
  9. Handset supporting carrier aggregation

    does the Indian version of Moto g5s plus support CA
  10. Tata Walky service closed at Kolkata

    if you have 10 digit number, it can be ported but forget about the money. if you have 8 digit number, forget about the number also.
  11. New mobile network found

    BSNL has launched 4G in one district of Kerala and testing at several locations around India. The next official launch is supposed to be in Arunachal Pradesh.
  12. New Reliance Digital TV with free offers

    after RCom fiasco, who would trust Anil baba for 5 years
  13. @LTE4G can you give some feedback on the 4G tab I was earlier using the SIM in Wind4 and have switched to Vivo Y53 a week back. Got 10 GB credited yesterday.
  14. any of the VIVO phones support LTE-A?
  15. It would not. Different speeds for different plans is beyond the scope of net neutrality. Even now, broadband/cable users have different speeds for different plans. As long there is no differentiation/restriction based on the sites/URL/IP, there is no violation of net neutrality.
  16. For last 2 days in Kolkata, Jio has come to crawling with less than 100 kbps speed. Nothing works. Speed becomes usable only after midnight. Indicator of days to come.
  17. what is interesting is that Jio has kept the bench mark 149 ARPU level intact and increased the daily data limits. for all practical purposes, most people will not be able to consume full daily limit for entire validity, even if they manage for some days. psychologically, Indians would prefer to go for 149 (o its variation of long term ones) recharges instead of the 98 one, even if their requirements are more than satisfied by 2 GB monthly data. of course, thanks to whatsapp, a good amount of data gets used up just with the useless good morning/good night pictures/GIFs/Videos. JIO is using VOIP for voice so no extra charge of voice, as long as the call gets terminated within their own network. so they are trying to ensure just that by attracting as many person on board as possible. by giving the facility of queued recharges and bundling with cashbacks from various wallets, they are also ensuring that once a person is onboard, he/she remains with them for a long time. again, Jio will keep on coming out with offers and Indian psyche would induce people to keep queuing up recharges even though they may have a few queued up already. Mukesh bhai (or is it Mukesh Jr) has found a new way of perpetual contract carrier model on prepaid, without actually spelling it upfront. they have learnt from RIM mistakes. so in the end, it would be 149 APRU multiplied by number of users, not a small figure by any measure.
  18. Jio has further revised the plans effective from 26th Jan 1 GB/day would be discontinued. Rs. 149 Current Allowance – 1GB / day New Allowance – 1.5GB / day Total 42GB Data (28 Days) Rs. 349 Current Allowance – 1GB / day New Allowance – 1.5GB / day Total 105GB Data (70 Days) Rs. 399 Current Allowance – 1GB / day New Allowance – 1.5GB / day Total 126GB Data (84 Days) Rs. 449 Current Allowance – 1GB / day New Allowance – 1.5GB / day Total 136GB Data (91 Days) Rs. 198 Current Allowance – 1.5GB / day New Allowance – 2GB / day Total 56GB Data (28 Days) Rs. 398 Current Allowance – 1.5GB / day New Allowance – 2GB / day Total 140GB Data (70 Days) Rs. 448 Current Allowance – 1.5GB / day New Allowance – 2GB / day Total 168GB Data (84 Days) Rs. 498 Current Allowance – 1.5GB / day New Allowance – 2GB / day Total 182GB Data (91 Days) Rs. 98 Plan FREE Voice + total 2GB Unlimited Data for 28 days source https://twitter.com/sanjaybafna/status/955765072801902593
  19. MyJio App

    I also mainly use the web interface. however, myjio works fine on my wind 4 with jio 4G.
  20. Jio - WiFi Calling

    By "original Jio Wifi" do you mean "Jio Net"? Then at least my Wind 4 does not get VoWifi on Jio net.
  21. Is there any unlocked USB based LTE dongle that works on all 3 bands i.e. Band 3, 5 and 40? I found some by Huawei, D-Link and iBall but not of them works on all 3 bands.
  22. Jio - WiFi Calling

    there are many good VOIP apps for doing this. Some of them also support paid versions for calling PSTN/Mobile numbers anywhere in the world. If you really need to call over wifi, try them instead of breaking sweat over wifi calling in Jio. I personally use Viber (presently 2.3 c/min to India, about Rs.1.50 at current exchange rates) but there are others also.
  23. Yes, but for indoors, Band 5 has more penetration power, due to shorter wavelengths, than Band 3 or 40. So Band 5 gives more stable connection indoors, even if a little slow. For most regular work, you need stable signal and speeds rather than bursts of high speeds.
  24. manually select Airtel or Vodafone network. Send porting SMS.
  25. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    mid november, both