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  1. Hi...I was an user of Airtel broadband until I shifted my apartment. Right now I am saying in a very new apartment which doesnt have any ports or tags from Airtel or BSNL. Even after repeated requests they were not ready to give connection. They are claiming they cant lay new junction boxes. So right now I am looking for other options. I dont want an USB dongle, because I am a heavy downloader. Previously I had 40gb 4Mbps connection of Airtel for Rs.1600 . So please suggest any good Wimax providers. The list I know : 1. Tikona - From reviews I heard its bad ( something is better than nothing) 2. BSNL - not in my area - only outside chennai 3. Reliance - Not in my area 4. Tata - Not in my area. 5. sify - high cost - 1Mbps itself 3000Rs. Is there any other providers ???
  2. I am planning to buy one postpaid CDMA connection in chennai. Please suggest which one to go for ? I am planning either RELIANCE or MTS...which is better ? Please give ur suggestions... Regards, Hari
  3. Recently I was looking into available Cloud products, which I plan to buy for my personal purpose. The below products came in my final list : 1. Dropbox - the veteran, it was in market for a long time and does a good job. But didn't like the UI in Mobile devices. 2. Box - Good one, used it and felt its really smooth. But not heard much. 3. google Drive : Good one. But didn't like the whole google integration with mails and google plus 4. Norton Zone - New in market from Norton. basically famous for antivirus and i liked the UI part. Price also almost all are similar. If you guys have experiences or have used any of the products. Please give your comment on this. I need one which works across all platforms : Web, Android and iOS, Mac and Windows.
  4. USA B1 / B2 Visa Discussion

    Exactly as Arun said, they wont decide anything by seeing ur DS 160. The whole visa approval is based on ur performance that day. If they dont get any proper answers..then ur visa will be rejected.
  5. USA B1 / B2 Visa Discussion

    Dont worry. There is nothing you have to be concerned. I had just now got Business visa for 10 yrs. Day 1 : You have biometric in TPL house cenatoph road, chennai. Its just a 1 minute process. You have to be there at spot before 30 mins. There your photo. Thumb impressions everything will be taken. Day 2 : is the visa interview. Its in US consaulate, Gemini fly over chennai. There try to come before 2 hours. Also please note, dont even take your mobile or wallet along with you. Just take the money you needed to go back in you pocket. Because if you have something you need to keep it in an outside locker. Which I didnt feel safe, even though I have seen people keeping there. There after usual security checks, You will be given a token number. Once they call, you will be interviewd by an US guy. There is nothing as such as interview. Mostly they will be asking your purpose of visit. Where you are visiting and your relation with person over there. Dont worry. The key point should be confidence - Say answers with confidence but never forget to have a smiling face for every answer. Even when your turn comes, just wish the person with a smile. mostly they wont check your documents and this visa interview will be over by 5 mins. Also give them a positive thinking that for sure you will come back to India :-) Also check this site, it gives the experience of people who went for interview before http://www.immihelp.com/experience/view-1-72-business_visa_b1visa.html
  6. Ha ha ha pakad liya rajanbhai ne....
  7. You are correct Hitesh. NortonZone has now introduced Free Business trial. Why cant Rimweb own one and start using for Buy or sell, where user can create folders and upload images of devices thet gonna sell ? Or share files for Rooting or programming ?
  8. Never heard about jolicloud. Who is the provider?
  9. Why u need to downgrade. Try with other custom ROMs like ditto Rom or Dr.Ketans Rom. Right now i am on Ditto Rom and its fast.
  10. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    No,I have seen in lots of forums that people put into US Band and now they cant access network. thats why
  11. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    My sister is having a motorola photon which is having Bootloader unlocked and with custom Rom. She took to US and now when she search for Available networks nothing is been displayed. She put another sim also and for that also same happening. Just a white screen no networks shown. I heard like in photon if you dial *#*#4636#*#* hidden menu..and "menu>select radio band" can select to "USA band". Does She need to Change the radio to USA Band. Can someone tell me what is that ? Please help
  12. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Ankit, but i am asking about the GSM part of it. Can I use the GSM without any issue ?
  13. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    << Topic Merged >> Hi Guys, I have a Motorola Photon which is having cracked CDMA and unlocked GSM. Can I take this phone to US and use with a carrier provider there ? Since its been unlocked will it be a problem. Please let me know.
  14. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    Just a miss, I bought Note 2. Else I could haave sold my S3 and together bought the HTC One. But its a great phone.
  15. The Off Topic Thread

    My friends, The product for which I was working is now already in market. Its a competitor for dropbox, skydrive, google drive. Its a cloud file sharing product. Its known as Norton Zone. I like all my friends to start using that and let me know if you are facing any issues. Its available for Windows, mac, iOS and Android http://www.nortonzone.com
  16. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    congrats csmart and shadow. What made me happy today ? After a long time of calculations and rethinking bought a Ryders bike . Think this will help me to reduce my tummy.
  17. Broadband options in Chennai

    even I am not planning to go for Tikona. I am looking for the option that Rajanji has provided. If any of you guys personally or by friends used this providers, please give an idea,
  18. Broadband options in Chennai

    Thanks Rajan ji. For any broadband providers i go through in web, i always see the term "worst provider', even its tikona or Wi5 or you or spectranet. Even that applies for Airtel and BSNL. Now my choice was just limited with Tikona, now u provided with so many, can you suggest which one to go for from your reviews and experience ?
  19. Corrupt a wish

    Granted u will be taller like the Twin Towers and all the girls will be normal height ! I wish I will be a casanova
  20. Corrupt a wish

    granted but you will be god of your own... Wish I will be invisible !
  21. Revised Buy-Sell Guideline Suggestions

    Ok..What i feel is Sharing the Adhar or Pan details is not advisable. And then only one solution coming to mind is Breaking the head of Moderators/ Admin / Super Mods. 1. Buyer transfer money to mod / admin / super mods. Once Buyer confirms shipping received transfer the money to seller. 2. For Trusted Sellers, direct transfer to bank account is possible. 3. There are people who are not in reputed seller list but got a good reputation in selling and sells sometimes ( updating handsets), For those guys moderator needs to decide if they falls in first category or second.
  22. Revised Buy-Sell Guideline Suggestions

    No way any user can be shared their Pan No. or Adhar Details. If they have any postpaid number, it will be useful since the most Veterans here can track the address of postpaid number. If postpaid number is not available, then Home LandLine is also ok. Its not advised to share the personal details.
  23. Revised Buy-Sell Guideline Suggestions

    I agree with What dkaile has told. There are guys who just join only for trade. But for those guys there should be some moderation. And the people who contributed to the forum they should not be affected badly. I cant suggest any ideas newly, but just like all other forums, we have to be careful while trading. Even in ebay, you can get cheated. I had lost 5000 rupees, just for trading with a guy who send me a dead mobile. So it happens everywhere.
  24. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    Norton Zone Symantec new cloud sharing product - competitor for dropbox, with lots of new features and supports multi accounts https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.symantec.nortonzone
  25. Samsung Galaxy S3

    I am using spb shell 3d.. how will i get default widgets to this launcher. I saw android widgets, but couldnt able to see widgets like weather or memo