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  1. Classic 2258 Used As Sms Gateway?

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any working link to download HPSMS Server. Ultimately, I chanced upon a thread on RIMweb where it says HPSMS is now being marketed by another company and is no longer free. So.. unless some of the members still have an old working version of HPSMS.. I don't think I will be able to try this out. But anyways... I've got a few other ideas.. so I'll try them and let you guys know. Thanks again
  2. Classic 2258 Used As Sms Gateway?

    I will try using the software that you mentioned. Will update with my feedback as soon as possible. Thanks!!
  3. Hi everyone, This may seem like a dead issue, but I couldn't find any threads or queries about this. Basically I want to use a Classic 2258 handset connected via the datacable as an SMS Gateway to send messages directly from the PC to mobile phones. I have tried some softwares but it seems they are unable to either connect with the Classic 2258 or cannot communicate with it as a modem. I'd like to know if the experts here have ever encountered and solved this problem. Thanks in advance. V.C.
  4. Fwp To Mobile

    Hi! I was wondering if its possible to transfer a phone line connection from a CDMA FWP Handset onto a Reliance-compatible CDMA Mobile Handset.... I'm aware of the Handset Change card, provided by Reliance, wherein a person can transfer an active CDMA Account from one Mobile Handset onto another. One you have bought the card, you have to call a number on the card, enter the card number, enter your mobile number and then wait for a tone. Then you call the same number from the OTHER handset, enter the card number, follow certain instructions, and voila! the connection is transferred onto the other handset. I just want to know if the same can be done between an FWP Handset and a mobile handset. Or maybe if there's any other way or options? Do let me know if this seems all too impossible.
  5. Success! LG LSP 340E & Bitpim

    Hi all, I've read some of the posts in here regarding Bitpim and UniCDMA. I've heard of a software made by an Indian company www.znisms.com (they sell it), which can send SMS from a FWP. If anyone knows of any other such software for sending SMS, please do let me know Thanks Vchoksy