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  1. Samsung Flo (tata Indicom)

    guys... any one .. any idea... can we use samsung flo on reliance???
  2. Reliance launches Blackberry

    heres a gud compariosn of all the four models.. its a jpg file.. zoom and browse..... '
  3. hi ppl did any one try the samsung fone with ril card ? me a ril user.. wanted to change d fone.. so wanted to b sure. .if the fone will support ril ?
  4. All About Nokia 6265

    Use MPlayer or VLC player, so no need for additional codec. http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html The best free converter I have used. can convert any video/audio to any other format. thank u bhai.... downloaded it from http://www.afterdawn.com/software/download_splash.cfm
  5. All About Nokia 6265

    Hi Tejas this is to use your other Headphone for Reciving and Sending calls this is what i was told at the Nokia care Once i had used it for FM calls also with a headset of my friend (nokia 6010i) wanted to use it for FM again but the Nokia care guys said it can't be done. hello . i am using a 6265 since 10 monhts.. one problem.. the videos recorderd 0n the fone can b transfered to the laptop but when i play.. get a error message.. Audio Coded Missing.,, the movie plays.. without nay audio.. the same vide plays with the audio on the mobile... 1>.can any one send me the coded if i need one 2>. can soem one please send me a convertor so that i can change the format of the vides to a muchj popular format... Thanking u.. Abhishek Goyal.. thegoyals@gmail.com