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  1. Classic 231

    how to upload ringtones any cable or software ?
  2. How To Find Out Classic Lock Code

    sir cable pinout please....... do u have that software or any link ?
  3. How To Find Out Classic Lock Code

    any one know the soloution please reply How to find classic 202 lock code... ?
  4. Lg Rd2670 Ringtones & Wallpaper

    There is no reply you. ...... so i am very upset...........
  5. Lg Rd2670 Ringtones & Wallpaper

    I want to some details for lg rd2670 mobile phone 1. How to upload ringtones 2. How to upload wallpaper 3. How to send sms via ringtones Both are possible this model handset ? Please reply CAPs Removed & Topic Moved - Vishal Gupta
  6. RIMweb Turns 3 ! Yipeee !

    happy birthday to you 3rd anniversary rim web
  7. any other cdma software. ( nokia 2280) ringtone or only send rim sms site?
  8. any body know how to send ringtones sms via nokia 2280 please reply
  9. hi guys how to send ringtones ? please reply, i have lot of binary format ringtones.
  10. Nokia 2280 Security Lock

    100% work done i get full reliance signle with usf3 box. just upload pm file then work done
  11. Security Code for Nokia 2280

    dear all, please help me .... how to find nokia 2280 security code ?
  12. Nokia 2280 Security Lock

    yes this software work on dku-5 cable ! please go to site www.mobile-files.com/forum/ please send your mobile number i will send sms. thank you my number +919840246789
  13. Nokia 2280 Security Lock

    hi all, i get back my r-world menu and startup logo with excellent software diego but network is also serching... i will try recovermy signle, any one know slove the proplem please reply thank you
  14. Nokia 2280 Security Lock

    yes , i try full factory defaults full ui defaults software upgr. defaults with my nokia gsm/cdma unlocking kit usf3 box still i loss my r-world menu reliance startup logo and network...
  15. Nokia 2280 Security Lock

    hi all, anyone please help i loss r-world menu and startup logo in my nokia 2280 how to get back these two things